Plasma Or LCD Television – Which Will Be Best For Your Lifestyle?

Many people say that Plasma screens are better than LCD screens. Well, both provide great quality but they still have differences that are notable.

Experts may say that the foremost difference is how the two technologies produce images. Then again, the quality of the produced images matters. Are the images great or not? Clear or blurry? Bright or dark? Those set them far apart from each of them.

Both technologies are actually better than the old CRT or Cathode Ray Tube TVs. Aside from size and shape, quality is much better viewing is more enjoyable, clearer and brighter. However, Plasmas are still better in terms of contrast settings. The LCD televisions are just in second place because of their not so good contrast issue.

Prices are getting lower nowadays. The LCD and Plasma TV have become more affordable as years go by. The manufacturers keep on cutting down prices because of the great demand. However, larger sizes of LCD TVs are more expensive than their Plasma competitors. Nowadays, manufacturers produce more larger sizes of LCD TVs which resulted to price cut down. That is why large LCD TVs are competitive now.

The two technologies are also both in HD or high definition format. They both can adapt to any TV signal format you have. They are also both safer for our health since they don’t give off too much radiation unlike in Cathode Ray Tube TVs that much radiation is produced.

Another issue is “Burn-in”. Liquid Crystal Display televisions or LCDs do not experience Burn-in problems, while Plasma televisions do. However, Plasma television manufacturers could fully resolve this, just give them time and let us see what they will do to fix that issue. Now, LCD TV technology consumes lesser power so it is suitable for budget conscious people. Electric bills will be lessened if you use an LCD TV.

The difference and similarities of the two technologies are just a guide for your lifestyle. You could now have an idea on which of the two technologies would best suit you. It is up to you to decide on which is best for your lifestyle.