Play Hard to Get – The Best Way to Win His Heart

Ok, so you need to learn how to play hard to get so that this man will chase after you like crazy right? However, how do you do this without making him think that you are playing games? What is the secret to striking the balance between playing hard to get and making yourself so available that he just becomes bored? Well, if you have found that you are having a hard time playing hard to get with a man you are about to learn how you can become an expert fast!

Make sure that he is the one in pursuit

This may seem too obvious to state but it is not something which is commonly practiced. Believe it or not, when a man is not the one in pursuit he is probably going to take you for granted. Want to awaken the fire within him? Then give him something to burn for. Make sure that he is the one initiating contacts between you.

Get a life!
This means finding something to do which you are really ambitious about. Something which really gets you excited and even takes your mind off of him. He is never going to know what he is missing if you are around all of the time. Most men say that the point when they really know that they are falling for a woman is when they start missing her when she is not around. Give him a chance to see if this happens to him.

Stick to your original plans
Don’t rearrange your life just to be around him. If he asks you out, make sure that you stick with your original plans and see if he wants to pick another date. If he really wants to be with you he will have no problem doing this and it will prove to him that he has to compete for your attention. Remember, men love a good challenge.

Trust your intuition
You know that feeling which you get in your gut when something is not right? Trust it when it comes to your playing hard to get with a guy. If you are overdoing it chances are that your senses are going to give you a nudge, trust them and make sure that you are responding to him and giving him some reassurance to keep pursuing you.

Remember, learning how to play hard to get with a guy will take some practice. Stick with it and pretty soon you will have him in pursuit.