Playing Golf Is One Of The Best Ways To Stay Healthy

We have all heard the statement “Health is better than wealth” a thousand times before. I believe that this statement will never be out. Playing golf is one of the best ways to stay healthy.


Golf is a sport where the individual players or teams compete against each other by hitting a ball and trying to place it inside a hole on the ground. Through the use of various clubs, this ball game that differs from other ball games because it does not use a fixed standard playing area, originated from Scotland-although recent studies revealed that a version was played since ancient times in the land of China-and has been played for at least five centuries in the British Isles. In particular, golf is played on a track of land designated as the course that consists a series of holes on its ground in which the ball has to be placed with different strokes. To hit the ball, the club is swung at the motionless ball placed on the ground from a side stance. Many golf shots make the ball travel through the air before rolling out covering the distance between the hitter and the hole.


In the United States, golf is the unofficial sport of the business world. Being such an important meeting point for men who decide to test their sticking abilities, golf has gained its popularity slowly and while once was considered the sport of the elderly, it is now played by million of golf funs all around the world. Famous athletes, like Tiger Woods, who is currently the leading professional golfer in the world, have transformed the sport to a spectacle that illustrates the individual abilities of the person who strikes the ball and makes people’s eyes gaze in excitement the outcomes of the professional or amateur athletes’ efforts.


It is generally supported that exercising can help older men feel better for themselves and boost their self-esteem. When British researchers compared 10 men, 55 to 65 years old who ran at least 40 miles a week, with 10 inactive men of the same age, they found that the runners had higher levels of certain hormones. Testosterone, for instance, which fuels sex drive and erectile function, was 25 percent higher. Growth hormone, which helps maintain muscle and bone, was four times higher. But if you wish to experience these types of results but you do not wish to have to run 40 miles a day, keep in mind that any exercise will help, such as golf.


Golf is an extremely good exercise for the body. In fact, research revealed that when middle-aged men play golf two to three times a week, over a five-month period, they burned an average of 1,750 calories per game, walked five miles on average in every game, decreased abdominal fat by 8 percent, lost 5 lb, increased the “good” HDL cholesterol by 5 percent, shrank their waistlines by an inch, lowered “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides by 4 percent each, cut total cholesterol by 2 percent, decreased blood pressure, became more aerobically fit and improved endurance in their trunk muscles. For all these reasons, seniors should seriously consider taking some golf lessons and begin investing some time to play a game and bond with friends, while becoming again fit.


Extreme exercise plans are impossible to stick to and offer little hope of providing long lasting healthy lifestyles. Do all things in moderation, including eating and exercising, and you will live a fit and healthy life.