Playsets To Help Fight Obesity

There’s been a great deal of attention centered on the health and fitness of American children, with many scientific studies stating the pace of obesity in children and adults alike. A growing number of children are watching television as a substitute for playing outdoors with friends or on playsets, and some people even suggest that playing video games is a bit more useful because it improves dexterity. Nevertheless, the facts speak for themselves.

According to a recent examination by Nielsen on average, children in between the ages of two and five are watching 32 hours of television every week, which almost amounts to a full time job. Rather than thinking creatively, these kids are force fed information and advertisements.

Kids who are in school, ages six to eleven, are watching 28 hours of TV per week, meaning that the majority of their free time is spent in front of the T.V. They spend even more time playing video games and passing time on the internet. This is time that ought to be spent outdoors actively playing sports or on playsets.

Kids under twelve play video games on average 2 hours and 23 minutes each week, and more kids are looking up internet sites of a product they saw in a commercial. Also when they’re watching TV, kids are multitasking on the computer simultaneously. Children and teens often squeeze 11 hours of media into 7.5 hours.

All of the time spent in front of the television set is leading to children becoming more obese because they are never playing outside or running, playing sports and spending time developing real buddies. The pace of junk food intake rises significantly any time one sits in front of a T.V., plus kids are begging for the food they see marketed rather than healthful alternatives.

If you wish to halt this cycle from affecting your family, you will need to encourage your children to play outside. Whether you do this by way of playsets or wooden swing sets, by making them leave the house, you will be motivating them to be active.

In all fairness, the escalating focus on media will make kids better able to adapt to technology changes in the future. There is, however, a limit to all things, and they really should not be spending this much time in front of the television set.

In the event you can’t afford to get playsets in your yard, then take them to a community park where they typically have wooden swing sets as well as other activities that get your children active. Kids are creatures of habit, and when you showcase a wholesome way of life, they will follow. Should you not make this a habit, they’ll likely live the rest of their lives the way you lived yours. You should always be doing the right thing for your kids by encouraging a wholesome lifestyle.