Playstation Ps3 – 25 Random Things

In the tradition of Facebook, here are 25 things that I love about the Playstation PS3.

1. Play a great collection of HD games, with dozens available only on the Playstation PS3including Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Time Crisis 4, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, etc…
2. Great collection of casual and unique gaming experiences available from the Playstation network like Echochrome, Pain, Everyday Shooter, Calling all Cars, Wipeout HD and many more.
3. Collect game play trophies and compare high scores with other gamers around the world with online leaderboards..
4. Fun motion control games with the Sixaxis controller. (Games like High Velocity Bowling, Warhawk, Toy Home, Super Rub a Dub, Go Skiing)
5. One of the best Blu-ray players on the market, with superior high def picture and sound.
6. Free online gaming with other Playstation users from around the world.
7. Plays all my original DVD and upconverts them to 1080p resolution.
8. Plays all my MP3s on my TV and main stereo system, with amazing visualizers for the background.
9. Catalog all my CD collections on the Playstation PS3 hard drive, and let’s me play them by different mood, genre or other variations
10. Import all my digital photos and create slideshow with music to display them in a number of creative ways on the big screen.
11. Play 1000s of original PSone titles (older Playstation PS3 models even played PS2 games)
12. Video chat with other Playstation PS3 friends
13. Get the latest news and weather while interacting with a high resolution 3d globe (Life with Playstation).
14. Contribute to the [email protected] project by donating free computing cycles to an important cause.
15. Install Linux and have all the functions of a computer hooked up to a large screen TV.
16. Customize the look of the XMB menu system with thousands of eye pleasing themes.
17. Surf the Internet with Playstation PS3 built in web browser, now with Flash 9 support.
18. Interact in a 3d virtual world and chat with hundreds of other Playstation users in Playstation Home.
19. Stream all my photos, music, videos and RSS feeds from my PC to my Playstation PS3 using a DLNA media server.
20. Access full screen YouTube, Netflix and Hulu videos with PlayOn software.
21. Download and rent movies and TV shows.
22. Remote control the Playstation PS3 with my PSP from within my house, or anywhere in the world through the Internet and Remote Play.
23. Upgrade the hard drive with any laptop drive to store all sorts of media and game files.
24. Run a virtual interactive aquarium (Aquatopia w/PS Eye) and other interactive screen savers.
25. Use Singstar and Karaoke Revolution games to make it the ultimate Karaoke machine.

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