Playstation Ps3 – Best Ever

I love games. I have had every console in the 80’s and early 90’s. Then I got into the computer games big time. I never messed with the Xbox or playstation because I’m old and I’m use to the computer controls. This week my daughter brought over a Playstation PS3 and I was blown away. The blue ray is great as everyone knows.(This should be bought just for that.) I have a man’s room – 61″ LED DLP TV, Energy speakers, Onkyo reciever 7.1, and HD & Blue-ray players. Now with the Playstation PS3 hooked up I’m hooked.

(My lovely wife has ordered me the Playstation 3 Console 250gig for Xmas.) I am getting use to the controls which is very different. I am playing call of duty and struggling but slowly getting the hang of it. (What’s a good learning game?) Last night I put in the Netflix Disk and in a few minutes I was watching a Netflix movie on my TV. The picture wasn’t blue-ray but it was good enough. The sound was good and my wireless network handled it very well. I was expecting poor quality movie viewing and slow load up. I was wrong. This machine seems to do everything. On my next day off I’m going to explore what else it can do.

Playstation 3 Console – A Decent List of Stellar Exclusives

I preordered after the price drop and amazon delivered it to my door a week earlier than anticipated. Setup was easy, I had ordered HDMI cables in advance(not included). The controller needed to be charged a bit upon arrival with the mini usb cord(love the non-proprietary cabling here). First thing I did was try out the games I had amassed: Killzone 2,Heavenly Sword,Uncharted,Resistance. They were all impressive graphically. Then I tried the browser, which can be a little clunky without keyboard and mouse, but I was happy that I could access quite a few media streaming sites such as youtube and pandora from the comfort of my couch, all for no additional cost.

Eventually I got around to watching some Blu-ray movies, which were somewhat disappointing, due more likely to my selection of movies. This has a built in wireless card, but I used regular ethernet cable(included). Some of the only complaints I have so far are the high price of controllers and older software titles, some of which are still $ […] years after release. Luckily with amazon you’ll pay considerably less in most cases, but similar exclusives on the competition go for $ […] cheaper. Also some of the Six Axis motion controls in games felt tacked on and clunky, but some could be turned off for a superior experience. 4/5:Would recommend to hardcore gamers with an HDTV, or people who already are sold on Blu-ray and need a set top box for their HDTV.

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