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1, the market Milk Drinks Variety can be separated into milk and milk Beverages Two categories. Milk beverages labeled “drink”, “drink” “milk beverage” and other words, the list of ingredients in addition to the general also contain milk with water, Sweeteners So, its protein content is generally about 1%; and milk products are the real “milk”, which includes pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, yoghurt and so on, the ingredients such as milk, but not containing water (reconstituted milk excluded), its protein content is generally more than 2.3%. The two are different types of beverages, nutrition disparities, should not be confused, consumers should pay attention to the time of purchase difference between the two.

2, in bovine dairy products, yoghurt is made from fermented milk products, not only has the nutritional value of milk and yoghurt containing lactic acid bacteria and other microorganisms will be inhibited in the corruption of human intestinal bacteria, and promote nutrient digestion and absorption, is a nutrition ages Food ; Pasteurized milk is the milk after pasteurization (60 -82 ) that is made from pasteurized liquid product, only to kill vegetative microorganisms, sufficient to maintain nutrition and fresh milk, yoghurt, but with the same Shelf life is short, and requires low temperature storage (2 -6 ), there Plastic bags , Glass bottles, fresh housing such as packaging; sterilized milk is milk by ultra high temperature sterilization, which can completely destroy the growth of bacteria, and are commercially sterile, long-term preservation at room temperature, there Tetra Brick, Tetra pillow and other packaging. Has been dispute over the level of various dairy products endless, I would think that its advantages and disadvantages of various dairy products, the nutrition, the main human milk to provide high quality protein and calcium, while the results of this comparison show that the same dairy cattle under three kinds of difference between the trace of protein and calcium, consumers need to choose according to their different dairy products.

3, many consumers are concerned about the “reconstituted milk” (also known as “breast reduction”) problem. “Reconstituted milk” refers to the condensed milk, dry as condensed milk (condensed milk) or milk, then add the appropriate amount of water, made with raw milk in the water, a considerable proportion of the emulsion solids. National standards to allow yoghurt and milk sterilization for dairy recovery Raw material And pasteurized milk can not be reconstituted milk, but also provisions to reconstituted milk-based products should be labeled as “reconstituted milk.” However, some manufacturers are hiding the truth, apparently using the reconstituted milk as raw material, but not explicit, there is no indication in the list of ingredients in “water, milk powder,” the relevant departments must strengthen supervision. Although the reconstituted milk nutrition to many controversies, but in fact the national standard for the raw milk with the recovery and the use of raw and fresh milk production of dairy products as raw materials are the same nutritional requirements, but must be clearly marked on the label, respect for the consumer right to know. Consumers may recover from the label to identify the milk.

4, in accordance with the different fat, full cream milk products, partly skimmed, skimmed the points. National standard, pasteurized milk, sterilized pure milk and pure fat content of whole milk yoghurt was 3.1%, part of the fat was 1.0-2.0%, skim to 0.5%, flavored milk and flavored yoghurt sterilization, fruit yoghurt fat content of whole material was 2.5%, some fat to 0.8-1.6%, fat is 0.4%. Fat milk products, high quality, easily digested and absorbed, the supply of human energy, which, partly skimmed and skimmed milk for healthy persons, in particular need to limit and reduce saturated fat intake of adults drink.

5, in recent years, the concept of dairy products market, filed one after another, the “espresso milk”, “high calcium milk”, as well as adding iron, zinc and other trace elements in milk, consumers quite confused, not knowing how to choice. Experts pointed out that the added fat in milk, calcium is not inevitable, but national standards should be added, and should be expressed, so that consumers understand the consumer; In addition, the milk itself is the ideal natural food products, human milk, add the ability to upgrade nutritional value and role of the human body in the end how much is still no conclusion.

6, consumers buy milk products, the best choice for brand recognition and identification instructions complete, detailed product, be careful not to be confused with other beverages, with particular attention to whether the production date and shelf life, pay attention to different kinds of products packaging and preservation methods of its shelf-life are not the same, if the preservation methods are inappropriate or damaged when the package is best not to buy.

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