Please Help, My Computer Is So Slow

If you are facing problems along with your personal computer and is it taking much more time to start the operating system and to shut down? Is it additionally taking too much time to launch additional applications and does it temporarily freeze down whilst playing web based games? You will find particular stuff that may cause these kinds of issues. First, you have to have a look at whether or not your computer is affected by a computer virus, trojan, spyware, or any other type of malware. Download one of the a number of free programs available online that will check your computer for footprints of such programs and then will help you to remove them.

However, some of these applications might just detect the problem and then suggest you to purchase a copy before it clears away the irritating components of code. This is the correct time to buy and put in a well-known web based security suite. If you already own a free of charge anti-virus and it has not had the opportunity to discover the computer virus, it is time to dump it in favor of an improved one. If the above remedy doesn’t resolve the problems, it’s about time to check the level of memory your personal computer has. In the event you obtained the computer more than five years ago, it’s about time for you to update its RAM (random access memory).

The current generations of applications need much more memory than the older ones. Nevertheless, this lack of additional memory should not cause your computer to start slowly. Chances are that the hard disk of your computer is fragmented. This is normal and happens with use over a extented period. Once you write something on a newly formatted hard disk drive, it is written on the same in a step by step manner. However, as you continue deleting aged files and add new ones, the clusters no more remain consecutive.

Parts of an individual document might well live in various parts of the hard disk. This raises the seek time of the write/read head and also this is exactly what slows down the entire system. In such conditions, defragmenting your hard disk will take care of the problem. You are able to search web based for these terms in case you are not sure of any one of these. In case you have implemented the steps provided above carefully, you are able to notice a rise in the speed of your personal computer. It’ll now boot up quicker and also the applications will run faster too. BOLA TANGKAS