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What Turns You On?

This cheeky title is of course not an invitation to be about open your most personal thoughts but more a question to make you stop and think about what turns you on at work? Do you know or have things got so comfortable you don’t look for that kind of excitement anymore.

Are you having an affair?

Are you dabbling with a little social media, playing marketing consultant or technical reviewer in your spare time?

Seriously, the social networks are creating opportunities for us to get involved in things that once were the domain of professionals that were out of reach. Now we can all have a go and the consensus is this making a difference to how we view the world and choose our products and services but is it changing the way we work?

Some questions

1. Has the way you engage with people over the social networks e.g. chat with strangers, engage on topics of interest, etc. changed the way you engage with people at work?

2. Have you uncovered new skill sets via the social networks that you have used in your actual workplace?

3. Has the use of social networks made you feel more satisfied or less satisfied with your day job?

If you are an employer or manage people do you know what turns them on? Do you know what they are doing in the virtual world? A lot of companies knee jerked a reaction to the use of social networks in the workplace and banned them and now slowly they are creeping back in through another knee jerk reaction – now to use them from a business perspective.

As always our advice starts with the end in mind to ind out what turns you and your workforce on, if it’s something they are getting from their “affair” there is an opportunity on your doorstep. BOLA TANGKAS