PLX Kiwi MPG Trip Calculator and OBDII Scanner Review

Don’t you just hate spending too much money on your gas? I monitored my gas expenditure for the whole year and I was surprised to found out that I’ve been spending hundreds of dollars for it. Saving up is very necessary these days; I tried to use my car less often just to save money but I still spend too much. Also, the engine trouble contributed to our dilemma. My husband needs to visit the mechanic more often just to solve the problem.

Our car is a bit old but it is on a running condition so we just restore it; putting it on the junk is like throwing away money so it is better to keep it. One of our family friends suggested us to use PLX Kiwi MPG Trip Calculator and OBDII Scanner (they have been using it too). My husband looked it over at the internet and read the description. Without prior permission from me, he ordered one that is why I was very surprised when I received it. He studied it and plugged it on our old car.

The first advantage of having it on the car is that necessary data are displayed on the screen such as fuel remaining, fuel used, distance travelled, coolant temperature, etc. We were able to monitor the amount of gas used daily by just looking at it. Since then we became aware of our gas expenses. Secondly, it is a scanning tool- I must say a sensible scanning tool. It identifies the cause when the “check engine” light turns on; giving us the information we need before visiting an auto technician. It doesn’t require high energy to run it; it goes low power stand by when the car is off and picks right away when the vehicle turns back on.

PLX Kiwi MPG Trip Calculator and OBDII Scanner is a plug-and-play device that can help you save money from your gas significantly.