PM to revive health and safety laws, Health and safety set to change, Coalition reforming health and safety

The Government has vowed to stop companies having to “jump through hoops” to satisfy health and safety legislation and recover the public image of the field.

When the economy has been through very challenging times, it is vital that when stableness returns as it has, businesses can make the most of fresh opportunities. Despite this it is also essential that businesses which operate in potentially hazardous environments never lose sight of health and safety legislation.

The Prime minister has promised to deal with a “damaging” compensation culture and moreover was adamant that “senseless” rules and regulations come to an end. It might be argued that an American style compensation culture has slowly found its way to the UK.

According to the Prime minister, the review carried out by Conservative minister Lord Young could act as a “turning point” which also explained how public opinion of health and safety is at an all time low.

Mr Cameron, in a foreword to Lord Young’s report, said the Government would reduce the promotional activities of reckless claims and management companies he said had helped supply the compensation culture.

A few of these legal firms, which do not represent the whole industry, have used disreputable methods to acquire consumers and damaged the sector. Additionally the advertisements by some of these companies is painful to watch and highly misleading.

The PM said: “We’re going to focus regulations where they are most needed, with a new system that is proportionate, not bureaucratic, that treats adults like adults, and reinstates some common sense and trust.”

Business groups, including many law firms, welcomed the review, but the TUC complained that the report did not contain a single suggestion which will decrease the high levels of workplace death, injuries and illness.

Lord Young said there was a “growing fear” among business owners of having to shell out for even the most ridiculous claims. He added that the system for claiming compensation was a growing industry and urged that the incentives for claiming compensation had to change.

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