Pondicherry Tourism

When you move down the picturesque and stunning East Coast road you come across Pondicherry approximately160 kms south of Chennai on the Coromandel Coast. It is enclosed on the east by the Bay of Bengal and by South Arcot area of Tamil Nadu on the rest of the three sides.

Tourist attractions


It is a historical spot at a distance of nearly20 kms from the Pondicherry city. Fresh digging right here have exposed some Roman currency, wine pots and other remnants, which confirm that Arikamedhu was the initially Indo – Roman trading centre.

Bharati Museum

The residence of the celebrated poet Subramaniya Bharati at Easwaran Dharmaja Koil road has been converted into a stunning museum.

Bharatidasan Museum

One particular more poet Kanaksubburatnam create down under the name of Bharatidasan, and he reached the exact same pinnacle in poetry as Bharati had accomplished. His dwelling at Perumal Koil road has also been transformed into a museum.

Boat Property

Situated on the edge of river Chunnambar Boat house is to be discovered at a distance of just about 8 Kms from Pondicherry.

Botanical Garden

The fine-hunting garden was produced out in the year 1826. Numerous plants were got here from the numerous area of the nation and also destinations like Ceylon and Reumian.

Government Square

The Government Square ,the residence of the governor is surrounded by a beautiful garden which has a memorial Aayi Mandapam at its middle. There are couple of engraved monolithic pillars, which have been fetched to Pondicherry from Gingee in the year 1751.

Pondicherry Museum

There are several perform of art that belong to the preceding age of Pondicherry. The remnants of the Chola, Pallava and the Vijaynagar eras outline the instances gone by of this spot.


An idyllic destination for an amble, the Promenade is roughly 1.6Km extended walk developed along the beach. On the shoreline, there are statuette of Mahatma Gandhi, Jeanne d’Arc and Dupleix, a warfare monument, the legacy constructing and an aged lighthouse that is some 28 metres elevated.

Raj Niwas

This impressive and regal creating is totally French in style and was the dwelling of Joseph Francois Dupleix. It is presently the residence of the Lieutenant-Governor of Pondicherry.

Shri Aurobindo Ashram

Shri Aurobindo, an eminent poet designed the beautiful Ashram in 1920. The Samadhi in the Ashram building is the last resting location of Sri Aurobindo and his dear mother. The activities which are carried out in the ashram contain cultivation, trade, art , yoga and culture.