Poorly Written Pages and Products

What are you telling your customers, clients and readers when you have poorly written products and poorly written pages on your website?

Do you think that it is okay because nobody expects perfection? Do you think that people will understand because English is not your primary language? Do you think that people will still be just as willing to pull out their wallets and pay you for these products? The problems you create for yourself by refusing to correct your “minor” mistakes that “everybody understands” could literally be costing you thousands of dollars or more.

Whether you know it or not, simple corrections to web sites…and more specifically to sales pages, have resulted in increased conversion rates and higher profits for many people. On occasion, these simple (and cheap) corrections have made the difference between a semi-successful sales page and a sales page with absolutely incredible conversion rates.

Years ago, there were no word processors and a “spell checker” was a derogatory term for an editor belittling their years of experience and their vast array of skills. These days, they should make it relatively easy for you to produce quality documents that are not so full of errors that people are forced to translate what you are attempting to say…much less the effect that it has on your overall results and profit margins.

For many people, this is simply a matter of not having the benefit of having English for their primary language. If this is the case, you certainly have a number of sympathetic visitors but guess what…their sympathy is not going to pay all of your bills. If the reader to your website has a difficult time reading the materials that you post, do you think that they are going to believe that your product is any better? Do you believe that they are going to pay you for something that they are afraid that they cannot use simply because you have their sympathy? The answer is not very likely!

Editors are readily available for a very cheap price online and elsewhere. In many cases, you can even discover writers to work with you for a percentage of the sales or of your bottom line product. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars editing your work in order to put out something that will be of even more benefit to your clients and greatly increase your conversion rates. In many cases, if you do find a writer who will work with you, you can save yourself lots of work and earn more money.

Writers may not always be the answer but in many cases, they are more willing and more ready to work with you than an actual editor would be. You also need to use a little bit of caution as well…especially if you are using the freelance sites to find workers and you do not know the person personally. This becomes even more important if English is not your primary language as you may very well miss many of the errors that your “editor” or writer has left in place…unable to even see, much less repair.

Finding an editor can help you to increase your conversion rates but finding a writer to actually work with you from start to finish will greatly increase your chances of success. Either way, whether you have your reader’s sympathy or not, your conversion rates, your bottom line and your profits will not increase until you can win their hearts, their minds and get them to trust you and what you have to say enough to pull out their wallets and pay you for it. If you can do that, than you have won the first battle that many people lose when it comes to Internet Marketing.