Popular Beliefs and myths concerning Home Tuition

There are many myths that go around concerning home tuition, some of them are spread  either as untrue assumptions by parents whose kids are in the mainstream schools systems (parents who send their children to public schools or those considering a home tuition schedule for their school age or preschool children.) Parents who want to pull out their children from the traditional school systems to start their own home schools, helps in spreading the misinformed myths about home tuitions.

Some parents may be forced to think that they are not up to the task of homeschooling their kids due to the assumption that they are inadequate. This is because they are not “certified teachers” and are not properly trained for the task of tutoring their kids. This is because of the popular belief that a child only learns through the normal formal curriculum taught in the school’s classrooms. This is far from the truth; it is a fact that while children can learn in the normal group classrooms, they are a multitude of other learning methods. These include:

l  Formal teaching and lessons taught by a parent

l  Activities and get-togethers with other home tuition communities and other children undergoing the same format of education

l  Everyday real life experiences

l  Independent study time and activities time.

l  Helping around the home with chores

l  Family outings, trips and holidays

Apart from the above proven methods, one of the major advantages of home tuition is that as a parent, you can formulate a home tailored curriculum to suit your child by the use of the numerous resources and ideas as opposed to using a prepackaged curriculum. You will be flexible and in full control of your child’s education- you will control what your kid learns and how they learn. You will be able to choose the best approaches of teaching and your own educational philosophies through home tuitions depending on you and your child’s learning styles, preferences and its needs. The way you approach your child’s leaning experiences wholly depends on you. You will be able to vary your teaching methods from day to day and from one subject to the other. Educationists through studies have proven that children who scores extremely high scores on standardized tests are not taught through the normal formal curricula but by their parents.

Another belief is that children taught through home tuition are always stuck at home thus lack socialization skills. This is far from the truth; in fact children tend to be very active while at their homes, in a familiar neighborhood and communities. They participate in a plethora of activities which includes sports, volunteering, special classes, private lessons, babysitting, part-time jobs, church activities and many more others.

When you embark on homeschooling, there need to be no isolation for your kid. You as the parent or tutor should help your kid become involved in the society and provide opportune for social interaction on a daily bases. You have the added benefit of having a flexible schedule which allows you to do things which you and your child love to do together and when it suits you.