Popular Recipes: Delicious Caribbean Dishes

If you travel down the Caribbean you would likely get to experience some ‘Soul food’ preparations. Now let me unravel the mystery behind the Caribbean recipes containing soul food. The three ancient tribes Taino, Carib along with Arawak that belongs to India, when visited the Caribbean region had brought some of their native ingredients and mixed them with the local foodstuffs. These nutritional products became the daily diet of Caribbean natives and they designated them ‘soul foods’. There are many exotic Craibbean recipes made up of these ingredeints that rules the taste buds of the travelers.

However, meat and seafood recipes had been also included in the soul food by the Taino tribe. Their main method of cooking invloves large vessels made up of clay. The combination of spices and herbs with the meats bestow a divine dining experience. The most ditinguished and known Island of Caribbean is Jamaiica that is loaded with exclusive range of spices and herbs used in Caribbean cooking.

Subsequent to Tainos, Arawaks was the tribe who largely influenced the Craibbean recipes with their methods of cooking. Their cooking tecniques comprises of low fire wood cooking. The meats were used to place directly on the wood so that meat can absorb the murky flavor of the wood. The taste of that meat truly rules the senses of the diners. The flavor and aroma directly reaches to the soul. This process of cooking food on wood was called as ‘barbacoa’ and this is the term that gave birth to ‘barbeque’.

One of the most surprising and fascinating facet of Caribbean dishes is the diversity of products and seasonings. Caribbean is a mixture of religions and different customs, hence all of them has their personal methods of cooking that can be altered according to individual taste. The most convincing tribe was the Carib who are recognized for introducing the flavoring agents and peppers to the Caribbean land. The ‘soul food’ delivered by them is still representing the magnificent Caribbean preparations. Soul recipes mainly comprise Okra, yam, plantain, salted cod, banana, mangoes and sweet potato to name a few.

It is believed that Indian cuisine is the most influencing cuisine for the Caribbean recipes but Spanish, African, English as well as Chinese cuisines are also not far behind in inspiring some of the highly acclaimed Caribbean recipes.

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