Popular Restaurants of Brussels to have Dinner and Lunch

Whenever you are visiting any new country or city you need to find a good place where you can eat delicious food. This gives you an opportunity to sample both local and international cuisine. While in Brussels, you can find a variety of spots to get something to eat or drink. Some of the restaurants you can visit to have a great dinging experience are;

Aux Armes De Bruxelles
This has been opened since 1921 and has been serving the best and freshest mussels together with finger licking French fries. Here you can eat by the traditional style of having the first mussel with your finger and the rest with the shell. Other than this, you can also choose from other tasty foods that are found in the menu. The place is open everyday for dinner and lunch.

Comme Chez Soi
This is one of the eating spots that offer amazing cuisines. It combines this with great ambience that has a taste of Art Nouveau designs. Some of the dishes to enjoy here are red mullet fillet served with karides or beef that has truffles. It also serves a variety of mouth watering deserts to have a complete unforgettable meal like chocolate cake that has hazelnuts and almonds.

Les Trois Couleurs
This is a place you can visit any time of the year. During winter you can enjoy your favorite meal indoors while you can take advantage of the beautiful terrace garden during the summer. It offers variety of dishes where you can choose the one you like best. It has an elegant atmosphere and has amazing French cuisine such as caviare salad and prawn. You have to make a reservation before you visit this spot.

La Maison du Cygne
This is popular for one of the famous visitors Karl max who dined here. It is a great place that has a traditional ambience. It has amazing d?cor that is rich in color and embellished walnuts on the walls. The menu mostly has French and Belgian cuisine that involves curry sauce and lobster salad with apples on the side, beef fillet that comes with 3 pepper sauce and cod fish that is lemon scented.

La Truffe Noire
This is a great place for people who love truffles. It was founded by an Italian Chef known as Luigi Ciciriello. It offers its visitors with a friendly, relaxed and warm environment and prides itself with the best truffle based dishes. You can start with Truffles made with olive oil and parmesan and have roast duck and Canary island bananas for the main course.

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