Post-crisis Era Of China’s Food Industry Enterprise Development 3 – Mosaic Texture Manufacturer

“Hualian Machinery Group plans for 2010 can be said to express the aspirations of the general food industry enterprises. Technological innovation, product quality, brand building, corporate management is still business in 2010 to focus on promoting the work.
In order to achieve the Chinese food industry and the world “influence”, individual companies have been prepared: December 10, 2009, Kono, Daxing District, Beijing China Matthews DOD products into production of new plant, which will further improve the company’s production environment for the next lay the foundation for rapid development. 2010, as export-oriented small character inkjet printer CX16 and DOD mass production of products, Kono Chinese Matthews products in the domestic market share will be greater; East is the valve will increase in personnel and equipment investment , reduce costs, improve efficiency, based on the original value to a new level; Hefei, Kao will continue to develop new products and continue to improve, to refine the market analysis to quality products and perfect after-sale customer service to win customers favor; August 2009, the Hai Pei Yu merger with 23-year history of the Korean SMPACK machine business. Through this, Discovery on Haipei packaging line in the after-won advantage, hoping the next development of good domestic and foreign markets, an advantage in international competition, in order to perfect the equipment and more well-known food and beverage manufacturers in bridging a These enterprises “only buy international brand equipment” barriers; “brand has begun, and our products are mature, the quality is reliable, price competitive advantage, and we definitely be taller than the 2010 sales in 2009 more good. “Nantong Star Solutia’s expectations may be more representative of the Chinese food industry enterprises in the face of competition of the confidence and the confidence of sales in 2010.
In this review and outlook of the industry, we have investigated a number of food producers, in the face of financial crisis, corporate positive response, such as SUBWAY good food from Xuzhou to improve product quality, improve product packaging and perfect after-sale services to take measures in three areas, and do 24-hour service; Shandong Dong A Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Oriental Ejiao in 2009 to improve the production technology, has developed six new products; Beijing Bao Shui Food Co., Ltd. premise that product quality as far as links for more raw material suppliers, with bids in the form of lower material costs, combined with client needs to develop new products, reduce energy consumption in production, cost … … After all the hard work of practitioners, the most serious financial crisis of 2008, China’s food industry realized 4.2 trillion yuan output value, achieving 29.7% growth rate, the contribution of the national economy rate of 7%; expected full year 2009, total output value of China’s food industry will exceed 4.9 trillion yuan. For 2010, the food and beverage manufacturers also full of confidence, many companies said that in 2010, doubling output and sales.
“A single flower does not spring blossom spring garden.” For the industry’s future development, general manager Li Food Co., Ltd. Jining Knight long think so: only more and more enterprises have been developed to better development of the industry. He believes the industry will continue to have excellent corporate and entrepreneurs to emerge. He believes that as the industry’s leading manufacturers, shoulder a heavy responsibility: not only do their own upgrading, but also to lead our partners to better and higher direction; not just to meet current market demand, but also analysis of market trends, forecast future potential demand and promote the development of food industry. To humanity, “the safety, health, delicious” food to enjoy, the relentless push hard. This should be all the Chinese food industry practitioners in mind. BOLA TANGKAS