Post Trade Show Presentations and Follow Ups

During a trade show there’s never enough time to talk to all the people that come to your booth. In fact, all the trade show marketing manuals suggest that those people that sell this way should spend less than two to four minutes with each person, give them the literature, get their contact information, and then call them at a later date.

Still, other companies that participate in trade shows invite members of the industry to come to a party in the evening, where they will get a quick presentation and meet other people in the industry in a networking session. When presenting at trade show get-togethers the atmosphere needs to be light, funny, and the presentations need to be optional, entertaining, and to the point.

Alcoholic beverages and drinks should also be served and yet, you must give the presentation before everyone has had too much to drink, otherwise they won’t remember what you told them or even who you are after trade show. Still, after these large presentations it makes sense to follow up and contact the individuals, and the buyers from these various companies after trade show has ended and everyone has gone back to their home cities.

If the trade show presentations are done correctly, the potential buyer should know what your company is all about, and thus, they will explain their needs for their business operations. If so, then you have theoretically done all their homework and heard and have created closer bonds because you invited them to your party.

The trick to trade shows is to follow up, that is the number one rule, and evening trade show presentations are all about entertaining the guests, showing them a good time, and letting them know that you are their friend; that you are here to help them. Please consider all this.