Power Inverters and Battery Chargers From Xantrex

There are so many choices for those seeking to purchase a 12 volt inverter these days.  If one is to look on the Internet, they would likely find dozens of brands to pick from.  How is one to choose?  There are all different colors, sizes, wattage ratings, amp ratings, and features that make the process very complicated.

One manufacturer with a stellar reputation for making high end 12v inverters is Xantrex Corporation.  They manufacture power inverters in voltages from 12 to 48.  They also manufacture charge controllers, battery chargers, inverter/charger combo units, and a variety of accessories for these units.

One thing to look for when purchasing a 12v inverter is whether or not the company that you choose to buy from offers a warranty on the product.  The other very important thing to consider is how likely the company is to honor the warranty.  In other words, what will your experience be like when you have to get on the phone with them if you have a problem.

Xantrex offers a very good two year warranty on all of their products.  They also have a stellar reputation for providing great customer service.

One source recently reported an experience that they had with Xantrex regarding a 12 volt inverter.  Reportedly, the unit functioned fine for one year.  Suddenly the unit wouldn’t power on.  A call was made to Xantrex and an operator was on the phone quite quickly.  The customer service representative was very knowledgeable and helpful.  After asking a few questions, it was determined that the unit should be returned for a replacement.  Xantrex requested that a copy of the receipt be faxed to them.  They provided the necessary address and return authorization number.  The customer, shipped the unit and in two weeks a brand new one was shipped back to him.

Whether you choose Xantrex or one of the other fine manufactures to make your purchase from, be sure and read about their warranty and customer service reputation on line before you lay down the cash.