Power Pressure Washers – Main Uses of Water Jet Cleaning Machines For Home Use

Power pressure washers have grown in popularity since as more and more homeowners begin to realize the convenience and time savings these devices accords us. These water jet cleaning machines are used to clean all kinds of surfaces and can help you clean up your driveway or patios in record time. They are manufactured for tow key types of users, the industrial users and the homeowners and are mostly powered by electricity, gasoline, diesel or hydraulics.

Water jet cleaning is very easy, efficient and effective and is done by spraying either hot or cold water onto the surface. The power of the pressure which is measured in PSI ranges from 1,200 to 3,000 for home use and 4,000 for industrial use. GPM on the other hand measures the flow rate of the water from the nozzle spray. PSI and GPM must achieve a balance to suit the specific cleaning needs.

For home use, power pressure washers are used for both indoors and outdoors water jet cleaning, such as driveways, patios, decks, deck furniture, kitchen, sidewalk, sidings, and even cars. They are great at de-greasing stubborn accumulated grime and dirt. Hot water versions are even more powerful as the sheer force together with the heat is guaranteed to melt away even stubborn wax. If this is not enough, follow manufacturers guide, buy the recommended detergent and you will never wish to use your garden hose for any form of washing ever again.

Power pressure washers are very versatile and are capable of washing off all of kinds of dirt, stains, rust as well as contaminants. The hot water versions are capable of disinfecting and sanitize infected or contaminated areas together with the right cleaning agents. Not only is it useful for the usual outdoor cleaning, your could also use them for paint preparation to remove paint from walls as well as washing cars by simply changing to the right nozzle spray.