Powerful Dietary Changes Reduce High Cholesterol Levels

If you first knew that you have high cholesterol, you will want to address the issue with a natural approach. You should begin by understanding food with cholesterol, as well as those foods that have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.

You see, while your doctor may try to point you toward medication, it has actually been proven that a diet to lower cholesterol is just as effective, if not more so than the statin medications that are on the market today.

In a recent U.S. News & World Report article, a physician was quoted as having had to turn to a natural approach to cholesterol reduction when he could no longer tolerate the drugs that he was taking. Amazingly, he found that his cholesterol levels dropped by more than what most of his patients were achieving with statin drugs.

This really is not very amazing, given the fact that the foods that lower cholesterol levels contain natural substances that have a wealth of scientific research supporting their ability to l reduce cholesterol. The two main substances that are beneficial for cholesterol reduction are soluble fiber and sterols.

Most individuals are aware of the benefit of soluble fiber in their diet. However, less is understood about the power of plant sterols. Sterols are substances that are found in all plants, with the highest levels being found in nuts. Vegetables and fruits also contain high levels of plant sterols.

The molecular makeup of plant sterols is so similar to that of cholesterol that it is believed that sterols compete with cholesterol for absorption into the bloodstream. The result is that largely, they block the absorption of cholesterol into the body.

As you seek to reduce your cholesterol readings, you will find that focusing on cholesterol lowering foods, and the benefit that they can provide for you will be more effective than avoiding foods with cholesterol. In reality, it is the human body that produces the majority of cholesterol in the bloodstream, and soluble fiber has been shown to stimulate the liver into absorbing cholesterol rather than producing more


If you follow a structured cholesterol lowering diet that emphasizes high fiber foods and a reduction in foods that contain high amounts of saturated fats, you will be surprised by how quickly your cholesterol readings drop. For the vast majority of individuals this will be the most effective treatment for high cholesterol.

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