PPC Revenge 2.0 Review ? How to Profit with PPC Revenge 2.0?

Do you want to learn how to profit with PPC Revenge 2.0? This course package includes a very valuable “Look over my shoulder” video that I have found to be very unique and helpful for learning Jacobo’s step by step PPC system.

Besides this video, you can also read about his entire system in PDF instruction guides and other action plan videos breaking down every step of his strategy. These steps include finding the right affiliate products to promote and picking the right type of advertising campaigns to best complement them.

Is PPC Revenge 2.0 Right For You?

This course is especially necessary for anyone who is new to pay per click advertising or is currently using Google Adwords as their main traffic source. Jacobo Benitez talks about how he used to rely on using only Adwords as the main traffic source and then had his entire traffic source shut down overnight.

Luckily for him, he was able to quickly find a new plan to duplicate his campaigns on another more effective and cheaper traffic network. This proves the point that new marketers should seriously consider whether they really want to use Adwords for their PPC campaigns again, and that existing Google Adwords advertisers must seriously think about alternatives in the scenario that their accounts get shut down.

What is this New Traffic Network that PPC Revenge 2.0 Uses?

This new traffic source is actually MSN Adcenter and has been ignored by marketers for many months due to its lower reputation than Google. However, Benitez has proven that this traffic source can be just as powerful if not cheaper and faster to use as compared to Adwords. Today, they have more than 15 million users using their search engines every month and is now ranked 9th in the world. Also, MSN is not known for banning users overnight like how Google thus, thus significantly reducing the risks of your PPC campaigns.