Pregnancy Over 35 and Your Emotional Balance

You may have heard all the news and read the blogs and spoken to the naysayers out there who think you might be just a tad bit crazy for wanting to have a child at ‘your age.’ It can be a little overwhelming now can’t it. There are all these things said about the physical, emotional and social aspects of becoming a mother past the age of 35 and while we’re in the planning stages we may even tend to let it all go to our heads and cause potential panic. Perhaps after listening and reading articles online you’re a bit hesitant about getting this pregnancy thing going especially if you’re over 35 or even over 40.

Just for now, let’s put those naysayers and doubters in the other room and shut the door. Turn off the blinking sign that prompts others to give unsolicited negative advice and even go so far as to stop asking others what they think about your decision. How about – now this could be a radical idea – but how about you decide to have a healthy, stress free, no drama pregnancy now that you’re over the age of 35 and then just make it happen! Yes, you have the direct power to impact your life and the life of your yet to be conceived or unborn child. Granted there are physical, financial, environmental and biological considerations to consider. But it all starts with your positive mental attitude and your overall emotional balance.

Women who have become mothers after the age of 35 have time and time again used positive affirmations, encouraging reading and music, mental exercises and constructive thought processes to control their emotions and remain in control during all stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Add to that truly supportive family members and friends and that’s the exact kind of pregnancy and delivery that you should expect to have. Your expectations and your thought processes can help to determine exactly what kind of pregnancy you will have. If you are optimistic and practice living confidently, there is no reason why you should not expect to have a beautiful healthy baby at this age.

Meditation, breathing exercises, physical exercise, yoga, Pilates, stretching, proper nutrition and eliminating stressful situations and people from your life are all absolutely imperative. Of course you should always consult with your physician and obstetrician and make sure that your personal physical situation addresses any specific concerns, but having the right affirmative mental attitude can make a world of difference.

Eliminating and/or reducing causes of stress in your home environment, your work environment and in the relationships of those around you will allow for a more productive and emotionally balanced pregnancy. Understanding that your body will be going through some fairly strong physiological and chemical changes and the role that may play in your every changing emotions can help you to avoid situations that may create more anxiety.

Slowing your breathing by taking slow deep breaths, counting to 10 (trust me, this will come in handy once you have a young one trying your patience around the house in a few years), going for a relaxing walk, listening to soft relaxing music, and discussing your feelings with those close to you will help you to avoid tearful outbursts and maintain an emotional balance throughout your pregnancy. Crying can help to release some of the frustration that may accompany these physical and emotional challenges, but taking the time to face those emotional ups and downs with a positive outlook can restore your emotional balance quickly.

As you begin this emotional roller-coaster, remember the reason and the end result – your beautiful child that you’re bringing into your life to love forever. A positive, I will become pregnant, I will have a marvelously healthy pregnancy and my baby will be born healthy and content – that kind of attitude is 95% of the journey.