Preparing For Face Lift Recovery

Face lift patients need to focus and embrace the phases of recovery in order to avoid possible depression after undergoing the surgery. The results of a face lift are not immediate, and the stages of recovery can be conducive to regret or depression if the truths and expectations are not properly embraces.

The first phase of recovery is in the recovery room immediately following surgery. Knowing what to expect at this time can certainly ease anxiety, and a peaceful body surely heals better and faster. Be prepared for restrictive bandages immediately following the surgery.

Patients have been known to feel claustrophobic and to experience hyperventilation based on the sensation that waking up with tight bandages over the eyes, nose, and mouth can cause. This instant of even false realization can have a negative impact on your psychosocial healing, so it is important to know, accept and anticipate every aspect of recovery in order to heal properly.

You will need to leave these bandages on until your first follow up appointment, so if claustrophobia is a true issue for you, it is advisable that you either forgo the facelift surgery or seek counseling to heal the condition before taking on the endeavor of a facelift. It is also important to know what your limitations will be immediately following.

Surviving on a liquid diet is necessary for a few days post-op, and while for most this is just a mental obstacle, for those is blood sugar conditions such as diabetes this is probably not an option. In fact, you are not likely to be recommended as a candidate if you have similar health issues. It should be noted that smoking is not allowed for a month or more after a face lift.

Smoking can have detrimental effects on your healing process, and it immediately begins to negate the effects of the surgery reducing the lasting effects of the procedure exponentially.Perhaps the most difficult aspect of a face lift is embracing the idea that the full effect of the procedure will not be fully visible for up to a year. Results are not immediate; in fact, you will take several steps back before beginning to move forward.

Bruising will exist for weeks and swelling could linger for months, but when put in perspective with the lasting results of the surgery, weeks and months of recovery are minimal. If you are emotionally prepared for the entire recovery period that is affiliated with a face lift, you are more likely to positively accept the outcome. This is a procedure that can be life changing via its effect on your self-esteem and vigor, and you should not let a few months of healing get in the way of your true desire. BOLA TANGKAS