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“Street promoters to me ‘gifts’ products, so I accept ‘gifts’, it is said that promotional activities, forcing me to buy.” Recently, Ms. Lee calls of complaints, their bus stop at the second road bridge Office encounter traps, very reluctantly accept this street money “gifts.” After a week of unannounced visits

reporter found that the phenomenon of strong sales in urban areas has been non-cases, these claims to be big Student Holiday exercise promoters is organized street gang, mainly around the station and university activities, fraud, mainly in the field to Zheng He’s young people and students at school. According to an insider revealed that in Zhengzhou City, promoters of these streets has reached 400 people, each day thousands of passers-by encounter strong sell.

Complaints: 17 evening, the second road bridge bus station office, a man pulled a passenger enthusiastically describes the “Products”, see can not succeed, simply grabbed this directly to passengers, forced Sell .

Selling cosmetics claiming to students under the banner name of attractive gifts taken in

Passers street promoters “gift” products, such as passers-by accept “gifts” after, but was at passers-by to buy. Recently, several members of the public called to reflect, in the train station or bus terminal in the vicinity, had been subjected to cosmetic Promoters of “interception.”

People said Ms Lee, the first day of work after the holiday, then learning to draw her daughter home, the bus station in the second road bridge Department met two young women to sell cosmetics. Both men stopped them, claiming to be a winter vacation for students of social practices, the original price of cosmetics is now more than 180 yuan of money given to them free of charge. Two young women said as she opened the cosmetics Package , So that smell fragrant. Ms. Lee and her daughter that I do not need the makeup, turned to leave, but the two young women do not let them go.

Dispute between several young men suddenly came up and said they had heard of fragrance, cosmetics must buy these, otherwise it can not leave. Ms. Lee who had to come up with only 40 dollars to buy these cosmetics.

“Home trial, only to find that these cosmetics is simply false.” Ms. Lee said.

‘s Unannounced visits: Cosmetics market in Zhengzhou street gangs have 400 “anti-fraud manual” to help you see the trick

Scams: free of charge after strong start with money

14 on the morning of the second road bridge bus station, the reporter walked from south to north, less than 10 meters, has seen four men and six women Shoulin cosmetic bags passers recommended products.

That reporters pass by, a young woman wearing a red jacket blocked by broad smile: “Master, to disturb you, to do our activities, products original 180 free gift to you.” Female Young said as she forcibly press in the hands of a cosmetic bags stuffed. Paper bags Printed “Love Bird” character, which is equipped with shampoo, body lotion, face cream and other four things above are not marked production date.

“We are here to advertise Students winter, and March 1 in Zhengzhou City, these products will be more than large Supermarket At the same time the shelves, this gift to you is to look for our publicity. “” What are these cosmetics brands? “Journalist help things along.” Is the ‘capital of Guangzhou Dream Yen’, with ‘Pantene’ is the same factory. “Young woman explained.” Never heard of this brand of it? “” Do not try it how do you know effect? “

Then the woman will be to complete the sales records in the name of the journalists in a form with your name, contact telephone number and the product evaluation. “If you are interested, please take good use of the come get.” Filling out the information, she again shook hands with reporters and said with a smile is a gift of cosmetics. BOLA TANGKAS