Preserving Your Old Photo Negatives For Future Use – 4 Steps To Go

Some people used to throw away their old photo negatives as they don’t know that these negatives can be converted to digital images. In fact, due to technology advancement, all the old negatives can be preserved in a proper manner and you can store all your “precious moments” in the computer. Let me share with you some practical steps which you can apply.

Step 1: Get yourself a good scanner
First thing first, in order to digitize the films, you need to get ready a USB negative scanner. You are advised to get a high quality scanner which is suitable for home users so that you can scan the negatives quickly to your personal computer. If possible, get the flatbed scanners. These scanners offer a wide range of adapters for different negatives and they can be used to scan documents as well. During the selection process, you are reminded to compare the features of the software that comes with different scanners. Some great photo-editing packages come with utilities that take care of the dust and scratches on the negatives, color restoration, focus adjustment, etc.

Step 2: Install the image processing software
After you have got the scanner, you should then plug it into an available USB port on your computer. It is always better for you to plug the scanner directly into a USB port on the computer so that the data can be sent in a faster manner. Don’t miss out the most important thing. You must install the image processing software before you start scanning.

Step 3: Start Scanning
Before you scan, you need to load the old negatives into an appropriate holder which comes with your scanner. Then, insert the holder into the scanner and start the scanning process by following the instructions carefully. The process will be longer if you are scanning too many images at the same time. Besides, your computer will also need more memory to handle the data. If you select higher color depth, you also need more time to scan.

Step 4: Save the images
Once the scan has been completed, you are reminded to preview the images. If you are not satisfied with the images, you can still do some changes. You are advised to use the tools in the image-processing software to clean the images by adjusting the colors and contrast if necessary. After you are satisfied with the adjustment, you can then save the images to your hard drive. If you want to burn the pictures on the CDs, you may do so.

If you find that scanning the negatives is time-consuming, you can refer to the professionals to assist you. Take your negatives to a local photographic laboratory. In general, most of the photographic laboratories will provide the pictures on CDs. You are reminded to find out the service fees charged by different labs before you pass the negatives to them. BOLA TANGKAS