President Barack Obama, Self-esteem, Taking Charge and Hushing Detractors

The first step towards dominant and promising self-esteem is to know who you are without allowing outside forces to define you e.g. President Barack Obama. Careers or clothes not even any form of materialism or distinguished attributes alluding to success shall ever be responsible for complimenting your true essence unless you like being a fake i.e. most politicians.

No amount of money or additions complimented by excessive use of plastic currency or surgery has the capacity to fulfill your dreams that is of course if you are honest and true. A year of discipline where you write down all expenditure and receipts taking stock monthly with an exact balance of equity would be a timely and advantageous use of your energies. During this time dedicate a column to charity, another to friends, another to fun and another to savings.

Family may or not be in the friends category all depends on the sincere honesty of your relationship with them or visa versa. Good friends on the other hand are an extension of your self-esteem and are priceless irrespective of your other worldly definitions. Now that you have assessed your friends ask how good are you as a friend towards strangers. You see it is really easy to reciprocate friendship with friendship but what is your measure towards those who are not in a position to return your gift? Matthew 35:45

Self-esteem is not measured only by your posture and dress but also and especially by your spontaneous enterprise of conscience and belief in justice. Therefore decline being easily impressed choosing the preferential appreciation achieved through deference allowing time and experience to educate you.

A young man was distractedly unaware of the world around him so he made decisions that were not complimentary of the life his mother would have liked him to walk. One day or perhaps over time his conscience became aware of the world and the inequalities of circumstance many were forced to live under and he did not like what he saw. As a result he realigned with God and justice became his arrow whereby his direction became clear and focused thus materialism did not lure him from his ambitions to serve.

The qualifications he attained through diligent study ensured a promising career with a top firm but he chose to work instead in a social services type environment. During this time he met the lady of his dreams, they fell in love got married and had two wee children. Family life was important to this man as was social and economic justice because he believed that family and society are inextricably linked. He knew that what was good for his family was good for his society and visa versa thus he ventured towards a career in politics. He also knew that change does not come instantly and to fix something takes more than a band-aid because he was firmly rooted with a sincere unshakeable conviction knowing he could and he would effect change.

To make a long story short this man took on the chattel of change and the mantra of ‘yes we can’ and he proved that true self-esteem is measured by taking charge and not allowing detractors to influence his success. This man is now one of the most powerful men in history and is the President of the United States. If good enough was not for Barack Obama then why should it be for you considering that by not accepting the status quo he created the change many wished they could attain.

Useful tip: Do you want real self-esteem or the worldly fakey type that will never fulfill your true worth? The Bible is your friend not your enemy and when you embrace God through direct friendship he will share the mysteries of wisdom with you but you have to stay firmly focused like an oak tree enabling you too to effect change.