Pressed Powder Versus Loose Powder

Applying a light face powder after your foundation is the finishing touch to set your makeup.  Unfortunately, this step is often overlooked or neglected.

Face powder is important because it keeps the shine off your face and also helps your makeup last longer.  It’s also quite helpful to absorb moisture in the hot months.  There are two kinds of powder you can choose from: pressed or loose.  

Pressed powder comes in a variety of shades, and often comes with a compact and buffing applicator.  You can choose to wear pressed powder alone, or find a matching shade to compliment your liquid foundation.  While it is quick and easy to apply, and great for touch ups during the day, the drawback of pressed powder is it tends to be a little heavier than loose powders.  

Be careful when applying pressed powders, as often they can cake up or increase the look of fine lines or wrinkles.  Loose powders, on the other hand, are lighter and are less likely to cause these problems.

Loose powders can be applied with a broad brush in a circular motion all over the face.  Due to the delicate nature of loose face powders, they have a sheer finish, and any excess can easily be swept away with a light brushing.

Loose powders are generally preferred by professionals in the cosmetic industry, since they have a relatively translucent finish, with just a slight hint of tinting.  While they don’t have the same variety of colours to choose from as the pressed ones do, they are a fabulous finish to set your makeup.  

Loose finishing powders offer a satiny finish that enhances your foundation without looking overdone or pancaked.  These powders blend in smoothly without creating any build up to accentuate fine lines or wrinkles.  

Whether you choose pressed or loose finishing powders will depend on personal preference and the amount of makeup you wear.  Loose powders work best to compliment your existing foundation, while pressed powders can often be used without any base foundation beneath.  A little practice and experimenting with each will tell you which is best suited for your personal style.