Prevent Acne Eruptions – Things You Should Avoid to Stop Acne

You may have heard this several times. But this quote really is true when it comes to acne problems. “Prevention is easier than the cure.” When we have acne breakouts, we need to deal not only with the swelling, the redness and the pain but we also need to face the problems of acne scars and skin discoloration. It’s all part of the package!

And so to help you with preventive measures against acne eruptions, here is a list of things to keep in mind.

1. DO NOT touch your face with your hands. Your hands are one of the dirtiest parts of your body. They can harbor thousands of bacteria. So as much as possible, avoid touching your face with your hands to avoid inflammation and acne eruptions. Make it a habit to wash your hands several times a day. Also avoid wiping sweat from your face with your bare hands – use a towel or a tissue instead.

2. DO NOT wash your face too much. Although washing your face regularly is healthy, you should not overdo it if you don’t want pimples to invade your face. Why, you may ask? This is because washing your face too often will remove your skin’s natural protection leaving it dry and vulnerable to pimple-causing bacteria.

3. DO NOT scratch or scrub your face. Scratching and scrubbing can push dirt into your pores leading to inflammation and thus, pimple eruptions. Aside from that, scratching can break your skin making it even more vulnerable to pimple-causing bacteria.

4. DO NOT apply too much make-up. Make-up can clog your pores and cause acne eruptions. So as much as possible, keep make-up to a minimum and only use products that are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Also avoid using too many types of make-up at once. Different kinds of chemicals applied to your skin at once can lead to further irritation.

5. DO NOT ignore your skin’s health. Your skin has a tough job of protecting you from the outside environment. That’s why it needs all the help it can get. Eat healthy, keep your body hydrated at all times and always, always, get enough sleep.

So there you have it. These things are not very hard to remember and will surely stop acne eruptions. All you need is a little diligence and you will be well on your way to great looking acne free skin!