Prevent Face Wrinkles and Make Your Skin Look Younger

My grandmother never looked her age even in her later years. As you can imagine all through her life everyone in the family tried to get her to disclose her secret. She kept telling us she was very lucky and it was something she was born with. Of course none of us ever really believed her, and we all use to visualize her using this jar of wonderful lotion which would magically erase all her lines and wrinkles. We never found this magic jar, and now, many years later we all realize just how fortunate my grandmother was.

Countless people now are seeking this same pot of magic lotion which will prevent face wrinkles. However, in order to prevent something from happening you need to know why it is occurring in the first place. Simply put a wrinkle is the body’s reaction to a deficiency in our skin. So it would seen quite logical if we could somehow replace what is missing our skin would be restored to its former glory.

As the years pass by our bodies no longer function quite as efficiently as they did when we were young. Consequently the necessary building blocks for our skin are no longer being produced as they once were. The corner stone of a healthy skin comprises of three compounds, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Return these compounds to their former levels and you will have smooth, younger-looking skin.

This is where we have to tread carefully as there are a multitude of products out there all promising to prevent face wrinkles. Many of the products promote their collagen and elastic content.

On one hand this sounds like a good idea to replace like with like, on the other, by applying collagen and elastin you are not replacing the deficiencies in your skin. You must stop the decline in the levels of your skins building blocks.

In order to prevent face wrinkles now and in the future we need to look for a natural substance that will help our body produce more of its own natural collagen and elastin. A natural substance because it is safer and can be used with all skin types.

I have been using an ingredient called Cynergy TK every day for some time now. Externally this creates an invisible film over your skin making lines and wrinkles almost disappear. Internally it goes to work increasing your production of building blocks. Because your levels of natural collagen and elastin start multiplying your skin will start to show increased firmness and elasticity.

In clinical trials this ingredient was found to be responsible for the creation of entirely new skin cells. It was also found to increase the skins radiance giving it a creamy look. This is only one the wonderful ingredients I use on a daily basis to help keep my skin wrinkle free, well nourished and healthy.