Prevention of a Candida Infection

Yeast infections are often the result of unregulated growth of the Candida yeast. In addition, physicians have also found lack of concentration, headache, tiredness and fatigue to yeast overgrowth. Treatments of yeast overgrowth range from allopathic, homeopathic to even ayurvedic. A widely practiced form of treatment of this affliction is the Candida cleanse. By this method the body is rid of the fungi from the intestinal and vaginal lining—places where these fungi generally thrive. Candida cleanse is essentially a specific diet plan which curbs the multiplication and/or growth of the fungal yeast. This diet plan aims at maintaining the prevalent microbe balance which is ever present in the intestinal and vaginal linings. The diet usually eradicates food ingredients which facilitate the growth of the Candida yeast and includes those types of food which prevent the multiplication of harmful microbes.


Persons suffering from Candida yeast should abstain themselves from foods in their everyday diet which contain excess of either starch or sugar. It goes without saying that sugar is the most favorite form of nutrition for this particular type of yeast, thus the more amounts of carbohydrates and/or sugar present in the diet, the more the risk involved of contracting or helping the growth of the Candida yeast. Needless to say, one must also refrain from ingesting junk food or processed/preserved food which contains either an excess of oil or carbohydrates or sugar. Fruits, particularly the sweet types, also help in the yeast’s growth. The yeast structure breaks down and derives nutrition from the fruit sugar, or fructose.


However, sour citrus fruits are equally beneficial. Lemons, cranberries and berries are known yeast infections natural cures. They help by preventing growth of the yeast and in most cases completely eradicate them. Fermented food as pickles should be avoided. Sadly, alcohol falls under fermented products also! So, people suffering from yeast infections should steer clear of both beer and wine. Eating food with yeast products or derivatives is like providing ammo to the yeast guns of your body! For this reason the Candida cleanse diet includes no baked products like cake or bread.


Care should also be taken to avoid melons, cheese, peanuts and dried fruits like dates and raisins. Doctors recommend taking an alkaline diet to maintain the correct pH balance and prevent the growth and for the removal of the yeast. Advised food products include yogurt (unsweetened) and other probiotic substances to maintain the balance between the good bacteria and the bad yeasts. People may also take laxatives to aid the healing process. A teaspoon of oregano oil or grapefruit oil taken with the laxative has been known to work miracles!