Price Unrealistically High Price Tag On The Thousands Of Water Is Not A Small Store


Store tag price down prices, consumers purchase home appliances to the same bargain as to the vegetable market, although the major home appliance stores are self-proclaimed “well into the era of meager profit,” but generally unrealistically high price, leaving


Comparison of operating room personnel, the Consumer if too easy, they spend more money wasted.

Buy appliances can bargain?

An appliance store in Jinan, a


Phone label is 3680 yuan price. Miss Lee felt that some of your sales staff immediately said that shopping malls have in recent days activities Miss Lee really want to buy if you can apply to the director, the price still further concessions. After some bargaining, this phone the ultimate price to 3,180 transactions. She then visited the store looked at several other home appliances, although the price tag on the price of the same, but the basic are the actual transaction price of the 3200 yuan.

Reflected according to Miss Lee, the reporter visited several home appliances store in Jinan, the price tag with water and not only in mobile phone stores, almost all of the appliances covered species, and the more high-end appliances, which the greater the water. If a station’s price 9999 yuan


Consumers can cut out 2,500 of water. Sales staff to sell home appliances, nor is it in accordance with the price tag, but also come up with an offer books to consumers.

The Ministry of Commerce promulgated the “Measures for the Administration retailer promotion behavior,” which stipulated, “businesses may not use false or misleading original price discount or price means the form of deception to induce consumers to purchase goods.” For this requirement, some home appliances sales staff does not care, but the text on the moving head,


TV sales, “that the price written on a red card and not the price tag, just listed, are currently doing promotion, so lower prices than Guapai Jia normal.”

Become unrealistically high price sales strategy

Appliance stores generally unrealistically high price tag, ineffective, not only appeared during the holiday promotion, which is also not new in the industry.

Why can not

appliance stores the same codes as other large store price? Jinan several appliance stores give the answer almost all the same. The price tag is more than the price of household electrical appliance enterprises are given guided price, but because competition is fierce between the appliance store, appliance store to improve sales, usually less than the manufacturers suggested retail price of the sale price. Therefore, it appears the price and the selling price different situation. “This is just one factor.” Sales manager of a household electrical appliance enterprises introduced, and now claims to own every store have the lowest selling price, and even there the commitment to double the return difference. In order to avoid disputes arising therefore, household electrical appliance enterprises invariably replaced the label recommendations of appliance sales price, if consumers really touched purists will be difficult because they can not double the compensation of evidence.

In addition, the price unrealistically high sales strategy is a business. The sales manager said that merchants use consumers like bargain of the psychological, intentional elevation of prices, then lower prices to promote trade, so that consumers feel that picking up a great deal.

Shop around in order to prevent the tank

Although consumers to buy household appliances, the sales staff often take the initiative to tell consumers “price”, but, faced with different consumers in different appliance stores, and even members of the same store sales reported by the different out of Almost all the 100 yuan price difference. Price and the selling price does not match, but also to bring the black box operations business space.

This case, the consumer is best to shop around, then, should learn to read labels. In general, the appliance store price tag usually divided into positive, special, back is none other three, in buying


, Refrigerators and other equipment, the more need to read labels carefully. If it is price tag, and the product marked “new” words, that these products are certainly much room for bargaining, as new listing are generally reserved for large profit margins, in general there will be more than 20% the bargaining space.

Special labels for products, will depend on how much the price of the product, such as a special for the two or three hundred dollars to fight

Microwave ovens

, The price is too low basically no bargaining possible. But if it is a standard for the special four or five thousand of

Air conditioning

If a domestic brand, generally there are several hundred dollars of counter-space. BOLA TANGKAS
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