Printing in China Now and Then

Undoubtedly, China is one of the most powerful economies of the world. Today, printing in China has become a booming business. In the world of marketing and advertising, informing people through communication channels matters the most. That is why printing services are taken by business enterprises to promote their products and services through books, catalogs, magazines and books, cards and booklets.

When we talk about printing in China, we find that China has a long history which could be traced back to 2000 years ago. Some people believe that printing was started in China in the 20th or 21st century. It is also assumed that China was the country that used proper paper in printing during 202BC to 16AD. During the rule of Western Han Dynasty, Chinese tried to improve the quality of paper used for the printing purpose. It was none other than Tsai Loun who did his best to make paper suitable for the printing works. He produced printing papers with bark, hemp and recycled fishnets. Although the paper produced by him was thin, yet the paper had a smooth finishing and tight texture. In 600 AD, woodblock technology was developed in which inscriptions were made on a woodblock and rice plates were used to cover the inscriptions. Then, inscriptions were cut, inked and pressed against a sheet. In 932 AD, China registered significant moves in printing. During this period, a booked titled “the Diamond Sutra” was developed and a new way for a good printing got opened. Printing in China reached to its apex in 1041AD when Bi Sheng, a Chinese alchemist, invented moveable type to create individual characters fixed on an iron plate.

In today’s scenario, the use of desk top publishing in China has changed the face of printing completely. Today, there are numerous printing companies and agencies in China that deal in various printing projects. These companies are known for rendering their services for the printing of brochures, catalogs, magazines, books (hard cover and soft cover), children’s books, cookbooks, art book, ring binder, presentation folders, journals, diaries, notebooks, calendars, cards, envelopes, newsletters, leaflets, booklets, containers, stickers, decals, flyers, etc. Shanghai is the biggest and famous destination in China where many printing companies and agencies are active that offer their custom and customer-oriented printing services to business enterprises of all sizes and types. Whether it is about magazine printing in China or book printing, Shanghai never frustrates you.
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Druge ruke nemaju tvoj dar
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Sve je drugo u tisini
Moje ime najbolje svira tvoj glas

Druge trazim I ti trazis druge
Nadam se, nadam se
Dok nam samo krivi se nude
Na kraju dana sam ovdje
Ti tamo si sam
Bjeze nam vrijeme I ljudi
Znam da znas

Nazovi da me diras bas
Kad tamo ne briljiras bas
Nikakva carobna jutra
Zaljubit cu se sutra

Druge usne druge su price
Ljubis me, ljubis me
Da ne zelim nikoga vise
Gledam kako grane oblace se liscem
Sama kao uvijek do sada