Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PS2)

Yet once more Konami have produced a great football game for the PS2. They have gone 1 step additional than the final time with some intelligent design functions and improvements. There is no doubt that Pro Evo are nevertheless matching Fifa step for step in the battle to produce the finest soccer games.

One of the most impressive new functions of the 2010 version is the drastically enhanced realism of the game. The pace of game that is created is quite comparable to the specialist game that takes place every weekend. There are some added game functions such as triangulation of passes and off the ball runs, which are each essential to breaking down the opposition. This forces the gamer to make use of the relative strengths of his group mates in the game, generating for a quite challenging and stimulating game encounter. There will be fewer examples of soft ambitions which could have been noticed in the earlier versions of Pro Evolution, the only way to succeed will be to use precise passing and by operating the channels.

An additional essential advancement is in the Player Characteristics. Key capabilities of several of the players have been attributed named, which makes it possible for gamers to incorporate them into their game method

Another added feature is that there is Instant Switching incorporated, enabling each group to have exclusive settings matching their true-life playing styles. This consists of a number of issues such as pressing from the midfield location, a sturdy defensive line, sophisticated play and high numbers in attack and also width right across the pitch. There are also default settings for the offense which help wide attacks with the aim of moving in the back of the opponent’s defence line. Finally there is an alternative for the player to summon the bar instantaneously in the course of a match also to adjust group techniques and improve their defence or strengthen their attack.

The Master League has now been updated to consist of a Champions League mode, which is a wonderful new addition. This can be accessed as a stand alone competition or as part of the master league. The visual effects are even far better than ever with excellent camera views and also the player’s faces have been tremendously enhanced so the players appear even a lot more lifelike and realistic.

This is the ideal Pro Evolution game so far and as very good as anything Fifa can provide, all for a fantastic price.