Professional Makeup Cosmetics and Brands for Makeup Artist


Sixty years of experience in three continents, and the world’s most advanced cosmetics research laboratories as support have allowed Lancôme to acquire a matchless knowledge of skin, its mechanisms, and its specific needs. Thanks to this unique experience we can develop high-technology professional makeup fashion products, bringing together efficiency, pleasure, harmlessness, and creativity.

When perfection, culture and elegance come together with beauty, it is France’s art of living which Lancôme is offering to women the world over.

The art of gentle living, with simple and refined elegance.


Born in 1883 and deceased on a Sunday in 1971, Chanel was able to revolutionise her world by bringing to women the comfort and ease hitherto reserved for the male wardrobe, and contributed to women’s emancipation. Later she brought the quality and elegance of her attire to her makeup fashion. Glamour had arrived to the world of women.


It all began with a dream. In 1946, moved by the desire to bring out the beauty in every woman, Estée Lauder created her own business with no more than a few jars of cream made by a chemist uncle of hers.

Even before they were labelled, these jars already had a legion of loyal followers. When she launched her first fragrance, Youth Dew, in 1953, an authentic revolution in the perfume industry, the Estée Lauder company had already built up an excellent reputation for its innovation, research and quality.

Today, Estée Lauder’s treatment, colour and fragrance collections are the best evidence of what art and science are capable of doing. The fact that Estée Lauder’s name appears on every one of the firm’s products is in itself a guarantee of quality and fulfilled promise, in over 100 countries around the world. We invite you to discover all that we can offer you.


Max Factor is known as the “makeup fashion artist’s make up artist”. Max Factor the man was behind innumerable cosmetic innovations, from the first full foundation to the first mascara, and he set the standard for style for generations. The glamorous look created by Max Factor for Hollywood’s divas defined the concept of beauty in the XXth Century and was copied by women all over the world.

Max Factor was not only a creator of cosmetics; he also developed numerous make up techniques, as much for movie industry special effects as to obtain an aesthetically pleasing look. This experience in make up techniques for the world of beauty evolved over years. The principle of getting knowledge of cosmetics and their application across to beauty consultants is still the watchword to this day.


It was 1863, and every day, actresses in that period used uncomfortable-to-wear make up that ruined their skin.

Mr. Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois knew there had to be a better way to make up his muses, and devoted his time to creating quality in make up. It was he who created the first powder rouge, the Pastel Joues. Rouge was very successful among Bourjois’ female friends.

And that is how one of today’s most well-known cosmetics brands was born.


Founded in 1946, in Monaco. A land of privilege, bathed in sun and light. A paradise thanks to its turquoise-blue coloured waters.
An aristocratic world, touched by grace, where a sense of integrity and naturalness is innate. Lancaster is created over the Mediterranean. A place of inspiration, strength and wisdom. A fusion of crystalline water, sun and air. A drop of golden sun.


Giorgio Armani’s cosmetics bring together all the beauty of his fashion collections in a range of delicate cosmetics, creams and powders which caress the contours of the female face.


The Body Shop has always believed that business is based on relationships between people. The more you listen to your clients, the more you’ll satisfy them and the better the business.


Clinique Laboratories, Inc. is one of the world leaders in select cosmetics, in the production and marketing of treatment, make up, hair, and perfume products. Clinique was launched in 1968 with a range of treatment and make up products, all of which had undergone tests for allergic reaction, and were 100% perfume-free. Our products have been formulated to satisfy individual skin needs and are the result of the research and experience of outstanding dermatologists. Clinique’s treatment products are marketed as part of the 3-Step Skin Care System: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise.


For over a century the men and women of L’Oreal have shared their passion for its products and its buying public. They are proud of being world leaders in cosmetics. Furthermore, they are looking forward to the future: future advances and discoveries to come out of their laboratories and research, and their search for new markets.


Rimmel stands out for breaking all the rules. Founded in 1883 in London, the most eclectic of all capitals, Rimmel has been able to follow that city’s rhythm, and has inspired itself in the ever so singular style of its streets, to create a beauty brand which is very different to those of Milan, Paris or New York.

Beauty, London-style is clever, restless and casual. It stands out because it creates fashions, doesn’t copy them; it experiments, expresses. In sum: it’s fun. The Rimmel product range is current, high-quality, colourful and accessible.

It was designed for normal women to experiment, express themselves and have fun. Why have an identity when you can have as many as you want? With Rimmel, changing your look is as easy as taking the London Underground from Soho to Camden Town, from Portobello Road to Notting Hill.


Part of the same company as L’Oreal, it’s designed for all women, whether energetic, natural, or with a touch of sophistication; of whatever age or class.


A Swedish make up brand with a wide range of colours; its professional-quality products are perfectly adapted for the woman of today. The firm additionally gives make up classes which it teaches individually or in groups, on how to make oneself up for any occasion. It stands out due to the individual attention it gives its customers, its hypoallergenic products which are not tested on animals and are kind to the environment. Its shops, besides this, are decorated in a very Nordic minimalist fashion, and all products in the shop can be tried before they are bought.