Promoting Your Music By Booking Local Shows

Do not let the hardships of making your music dreams into a reality prevent you from realizing the tangible possibilities. Playing for millions is a tough thing to accomplish, but it never hurts to realize your limitations and embrace the reality that every big star began playing to only a few. While web hotspots such as YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, MySpace, and iTunes, have made it easier to build an audience online, you still won’t ever have much of one if you forsake traditional venues. You must continue to perform face to face. Your audience will find you on the web, but they first have to know where to look in the real world. So when trying to establish your music by playing local shows, keep the following realities in mind:

Pour resources into production. Even with a solid group of performers, intelligent lyrics, and a feel for the industry, you’re nothing without the proper audio environment. That’s why it is important to rehearse in a venue similar to the one where you will be playing to an audience. Test out the acoustics and tweak any weaknesses along the way. Repetition is the key to calming your nerves and literally not missing a beat come performance time. If you don’t like to rehearse, you’re probably not going to make it in the high stakes world of playing in front of an audience.

Technology is good, but it is not what will make or break you. When a group of fans hear your music, ideally they will take what you play and turn it into a soundtrack for their lives. What is initially yours becomes someone else’s. It transcends ownership by one person or band, and even though you have the monetary rights to your music, you don’t want the sole rights of ownership when it comes to the meaning and the effect of the song. That’s why no matter what changes in the music industry, the one thing that will always remain a constant is whether or not your audience can relate to your sound and your lyrics. The songs that you perform may not be for everyone, but they will be for someone, and that leads to the next point:

Establish your niche. The music industry is a funny kind of place in that your product tends to pick its audience rather than you tailoring a product to meet a demographic. Music in words and sound must come from inside you. It will be much harder to promote your shows in a live venue if you’re trying to write for an audience that you do not understand. Every great artist must look inside himself. Once you know your music, you will know the best places to present that for an audience.