Promotional Gifts on a Budget – How to Survive the Current Climate

When many businesses are fighting for survival and wondering what tomorrow will bring, it may be seen as an inappropriate time to be talking about spending marketing budgets and commissioning promotional gifts. However, now is not the time to be cutting back on advertising and marketing projects. You need to maintain your existing loyal customer base while promoting your products and services to as many new potential customers as possible. This maximizes your business potential to ensure your business stays afloat and, with a bit of luck, even flourishes until better times return. Giving promotional gifts to your existing customers can make them feel appreciated and elicit a loyalty response, whereas with potential customers they can create open-mindedness towards your products, services and marketing messages, which will hopefully increase your customer base and be converted to increased revenue for your company.

Even if your marketing budget has been reduced in the current climate, there are still many promotional gifts available which will serve you well and not cost the earth. Anything you can do to increase or maintain brand awareness and support customer loyalty will pay dividends in terms of supporting your business through these difficult times. Promotional merchandise is invaluable in this regard. If you choose your promotional items carefully, you will maximise the impact of your marketing spend.

If your aim is to reach as many potential customers as possible, you may consider small value promotional items. These could be plastic pens and notepads, key rings, mugs and coasters, pen pots, badges, mouse mats and sweets or chocolates, to name but a few. All these promotional gifts can be personalised with your bespoke artwork to include your logo, marketing messages and contact details. They will prove to be useful, well received products that will be repeatedly used, thus maximising your brand exposure for very little outlay. In this way, they will prove to be an incredibly cost-effective method of marketing your company.

To reduce your unit costs even more, you may consider buying your low-cost promotional items in bulk. This often has the effect of achieving a better unit price for your chosen items. It also reduces your associated printing set-up costs, as you only pay for this once. You will then have a ready supply of personally printed gifts on hand whenever an occasion or opportunity arises to spread your marketing messages. You need never miss an opening to promote your company.

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