Promotions Large Gome “legend” Turned Out To Shock Release – The Country The United States

While “The Promise” and “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles” Sabre-rattling, want to fight the occasion of the box office end of the year,

States United States “Legend” has turned out to third world and with the two.

“Legend” is led by Guangzhou, the country’s 32 U.S. stores star, Panasonic,

Sony , Haier , Samsung, the industry’s biggest names in the global Baiyu Jia family,
Investment Billion to build, can be said constellation. This 2005’s most anticipated “large appliances” will be held on December 3 ~ Dec. 12 in Guangzhou, China 32 U.S. stores at the same time showing. Mall will also host major premiere, the film director Gome is headed to the audience before preparation by nearly 50 million yuan in cash gifts and gifts.

“Legend” in the majesty of the history of Chinese film stirring, every element of our penetration in the “Legend” film the legend of Gome … …

10 000 tickets distributed free of charge premiere
Gome To thank the Guangzhou consumers, prepared 10,000 free tickets. It is reported that so far, “Legend” of the votes in the momentum Mengjin, we all spend on this as much as 180 million yuan, publicity and promotion costs as much as 8,000 million at the end

Promotions Masterpiece bosom of enthusiasm and high expectations. These days, people have called the community consultation, access, hot set looting, Gome booking hotline was bombed, the first time all the audience want to grab this generous

Make , Set in a global appliance manufacturer to support the “legend” Free tickets.
Director Gome also revealed December 3, 2005 premiere date, the film’s star??? The world hundreds of well-known home appliance enterprises will all be present to the audience, and have come to bring gift, resulting in a great demand for this movie ticket. Gome to remind you that a limited number of free tickets, hurry hurry, so as not to miss the opportunity.

There are votes in the four-channel grab
Members of this class of large-scale masterpiece, electrical “Legend” of the concern and passion that all the cast, director, Gome and manufacturers are moving, in order to thank you for love, Gome Group decision

05 November 29 played on Dec. 12, visitors can grab tickets are available through the following channels:

1. Mall channel grab votes Duration:
05 November 29 ~ December 2 Rush poll: With any appliance, Guangzhou
Marketplace Shopping invoice, you can to the country in major U.S.
Shopping Help Desk ticket exchange value of 120 (limited to collecting a voucher for each invoice). Limited, first come first served.

2. Grab votes internet access time:
05 November 29 start Rush poll: All Sign site, click on the link grab votes, that the United States have the opportunity to free the country 120 ~ 1050 yuan worth varying amounts of “Legend” ticket, tickets can be Enjoy exclusive shopping offers.

3. SMS channel grab votes Duration:
05 December 1 Rush poll: According to the U.S. State
Mobile SMS can be to the country in major shopping malls Desk U.S. dollar value of 120 countries the United States “Legend” ticket, ticket can enjoy exclusive shopping discounts.

4. Telecom Corridor rush tickets Time:
05 November 29 ~ December 2
Rush poll: toll-free telephone 800-8307183 to register have the opportunity to obtain the value of the amount of 120 ~ 1050 yuan countries ranging from the U.S. “Legend” ticket. BOLA TANGKAS