Properties of Acai Berry That Improve Your Health

The enormous amount of antioxidants which formed part of the health properties of acai berry is very helpful to our body in preventing and fighting cancer. It has other numerous benefits that can greatly improve our well-being because it contains huge amount of vitamins and minerals, protein, fibers, essential fatty acids like Omegas 3, 6 and 9, as well as other nutrients beneficial for total health.

In his book named “The Perricone Promise” Dr. Nicholas Periccone, an anti-aging expert, proved that the nutritional values of this fruit provide an implausible number of health benefits like weight loss, increased metabolism, increased fat oxidation, helps fight fatigue, helps increase energy, and it provides powerful antioxidant support among still many other advantages.

The health properties of acai berry is greatly attributed to the explicit group of flavonoid called anthocyanins that contains very beneficial fatty acid which help decrease the level of LDL or bad cholesterol resulting to more balanced cholesterol levels. A soaring amount of concentration of antioxidants in this fruit provides help in reversing the aging process; and help patients suffering from leukemia by triggering a self-destruct mode for cancer cells; thus alleviating the condition according to one study.

There are still many more nutritional properties that you will get to enjoy from this super food; and they are as follows: antioxidants, cardiovascular system, antibacterial, anti-mutagenic, and anti-inflammatory. Recent studies also showed health properties of this fruit include high fiber content which is best in assisting our body in eliminating toxic wastes.

It also possesses other nutrients like beta-sitosterol which is sterols used for treatment of prostate dyperplasia for patients suffering from this health disorder. Moreover, good synergy of sterols, monosaturated fats, and dietary fiber help promote cardiovascular health and improve digestion.This fruit further provides a very high nutritional value which can greatly help you achieve your daily nutrition requirement for optimal health. It is also a good source of vitamin A, B, C and E; with high contents of minerals and other nutrients.

Extracts and juice from this super fruit can be used on salad dressings, smoothies, and even cocktails. It can also be combined with chocolate and other food. This is a good way of making it part of your daily diet. The fruit can increase energy levels because it can increase metabolism in your body which will burn more calories and help you lose weight. There are still many health benefits of acai berry which can greatly help you achieve healthier life.

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