Pros And Cons Of Full Face Helmets

Full face helmets cover the whole head region of the rider right from his brow to the back of his head to his chin. The thickly padded helmets are secured fastened to ensure a full protection of the skull area. Considered the safest of all models of helmets, these cover and protect the face and neck better than any type of helmet. This type of helmet is used by both motorcycle and dirt bike riders and has its own advantages and disadvantages.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figures put over 70 percent of bicyclists involved in fatal crashes suffer from head injuries. Full face helmets could be highly effective in preventing head and brain injuries, which make them vital safety accessories for any biker.


Pros of a Full-Face Helmet


Full face helmets are believed to be the safest in the market and offers better protection of the head and cranium of the riders better than any other type of helmet. This helmet ensures maximum coverage and offers total protection from flying debris and stones kicked up by other riders on the road and are recommended for long rides and dirt tracks.


Full-face helmets incorporate eye protection in the form of a sturdy acrylic visor that often slides across the viewport. This protects the rider from wind, rain and dust and reduces eye fatigue. The full face helmets are also designed to reduce the impact on the jaw area as these are some of the most vulnerable parts to get injured in the event of a crash.


Full-face helmets are adequately vented, which will ensure free flow of air through the helmets. This would keep the rider comfortable even in hot summer days. These helmets also keep the head cool and fresh smelling by reducing the sweat even after a long tedious ride.


Cons of a Full-Face Helmet


Full-face helmets are pricier than half-shell helmets because a lot more materials go into the construction of these helmets. Full face helmets are heavier than the half helmets and hence could add up to the neck fatigue.


The heavily padded design of the full-face helmet could impair the hearing capacity of the rider in crowded road. As the face is encased, some riders also complain that they lose their peripheral vision while using a full face helmet. Whether to opt for a full face helmet would depend on your travel demands and needs and you should make the choice after a thorough ground work on the topic.