Pros And Cons Of Going On A Gap Year Work

A Gap Year Work is something which is the time gap between the high school and the starting of college years and in this gap you can go to different places and learn about different religions in the world and make new friends and acquaintance and then when you come back to your home you can boast about your new knowledge and what all fun you had in this time gap.

The gap year of work should be properly planned that is if there something goes wrong in other words you should know that who will you earn and have you got some part time jobs and who will give you money for your trip as all these things should be planned at your end. Thus there are quite an advantages and disadvantages of going on a gap year work as follows.

There are various disadvantages of going on the Gap year work. The first and foremost thing is that you have to go away from your parents and family and have to stay far away from them and in the time when you feel low they would not be with you to give you some support and like wise you can not also make a phone call everyday as they are very expensive when you have gone to some other country. The other thing is that how much rich your father be but you will have to spend so much of there wealth in going out to the foreign cities and in this way the entire money or the total expenditure of the college studies will be spent.

A gap year of work is very much popular in America as there are the universities which also say that the gap year of work is very important for the students and they have specially planned some gap year work for students as they have to go to far away places and do some difficult jobs and like this they become trained to face the real world public sector jobs and be trained to face the big pressure. The other benefit of the gap year work is that the student can apply for the course of work which he has failed to do or the exams which they could not qualify for and thus the thing is that the preparations for the entrance exams can also be done to get admission in the top colleges or the university.