Pros and Cons of Security camera systems in malls

We always look for the pros for everything we buy but what about the cons, you know the –Disadvantages-, since security camera is a product which we buy so am sure if you use it for a specific place such as Malls, so what are the pros and cons of security camera systems in Malls?….

Pros of using Security Camera Systems in any Mall:

• Crime Deterrent:
There is a strong fact that people are less likely to commit a crime if they know that they are being watched. If people are aware of the fact that the mall is being monitored, vandalism and other acts of violence may be greatly reduced. In addition, in the event a crime is caught in action, emergency officials will be better able to contain the situation. Malls are very attractive to would-be thieves. From huge parking lots full of cars to large retail shops full of goods, a security camera can help those in charge of a mall’s security monitor for illegal activity. Security cameras can act as a proactive method to prevent crime before it happens.

• Safety of Customers:
Customers feel safer when they are being monitored by quality security cameras; because they would feel that their property and even they would feel that they are protected somehow. Another point is children safety, a lot of kidnapping incidents have happened in Malls due to the lack of security cameras, therefore any kind of face identification would be impossible.

• Watching the employees:

by installing security cameras, you would have the ability to find out any employee who is slouching or not doing his job properly and in the same time, any employee theft incidents would be discovered easily.

• Priceless Mall traffic feedback:
Monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of the Mall will help to decide where to place any new shop for better sales. And in the same time to know where are the hot spots of the customer, and which shops are visited more.

• Prevent Harassment: Harassment in Malls is a bit common these days and it can take various forms and not all of it is reported. How do you know who’s telling the truth? Video surveillance systems can record both video and audio.

Cons of using Security Camera Systems in any Mall:

• Invading Privacy:
The placement of security cameras in public areas is widely accepted, but private locations such as mall bathrooms are considered off limits to video surveillance. It would be wise to investigate any potential legal concerns your Mall could face by installing surveillance equipment. Any risks of potential privacy violations can be avoided with a clear understanding of where and how security cameras can be installed.

• Vandalizing the Cameras:
If security cameras are damaged or tampered with, the signal can be lost. Backup security measures should be in place in case there’s a break in surveillance. So make sure you’ve taken precautions against weather or vandalism, especially with cameras placed outside your mall.

A variety of security cameras can be used in Malls such as traditional CCTV security cameras and what is better that CCTV is IP security camera due to their marvelous advantages such as accuracy and the high resolutions which they can handle.

After reading all the above pros and cons of the using security cameras in Mall, you then would take several points in your consideration but don’t you ever forget the most important point which is people’s safety and protection. The idea of installing security cameras in Malls