Proven Recommendations For Curbing Your Appetite

Food is delicious. Those that are especially bad for your waistline are even more tempting. That delectable chocolate cake, that sugar-glazed donut, that cheese-loaded pizza, that quarter pound cheeseburger– just the thought of these sinful recipes is enough to make your mouth water. The ease by which we can get them doesn’t help either. They’re just one phone call away!

When you’re on a weight loss program, appetite control is always a thorny issue. You’re always torn between giving in to your natural desires and sticking with your program to achieve the shapely figure you’ve always dreamed of. Out of sheer frustration, some have resorted to diet pills to achieve their fat loss goals. This approach is not only expensive but without medical supervision, can be dangerous for your health as well. There are, however, tried, tested and proven ways to naturally curb your appetite so you can stay on top of your regimen and stay fit and healthy.

The first method of appetite control is to incorporate high intensity interval training in your workout sessions. HIIT is basically just alternating between periods of high activity and rest. For instance, you can sprint for 60 seconds and rest for 30 seconds for a period of 10 minutes to 20 minutes. You can incorporate HIIT into your resistance training or cardio workout routines and you’ll naturally experience the benefits of less food cravings. Those who interval train have been shown to consume 500 calories less than those who don’t.

Another natural strategy of appetite control is to load up on your fruits and vegetables. These have low glycemic indices that curb your usual affection for sugars and chips. Leafy greens and fruits have been shown to fill you up and lessen your urge to snack. Don’t grab for that chocolate bar when you feel hungry during the day. Go for a banana or munch an apple instead. You won’t only reap the nutrients these natural foods offer, you’ll also protect yourself from disease since these are high in anti-oxidants.

Drinking green tea has also been shown to control appetite naturally. Aside from killing the urge to eat, this beverage has also been proven to protect against cancers, bowel problems and diabetes. It is no wonder that avid tea drinkers such as the Japanese, Korean and Chinese are generally slim and fit. Obesity is rarely a problem in these countries and their cancer rates are lower compared to the rest of the world.

Finally, you can curb your appetite by the use of mental imagery. Whenever the urge to grab that chocolate bar or order your meat-and-cheese-filled pizza strikes, imagine yourself with globs of fat spilling from your mouth as you slowly get bigger and bigger. Imagine buttons popping and jeans tearing at the seams. Visualize the most distasteful, ugly scene of yourself or of the food you want to eat (for example, you can think of finding worms or a wriggling cockroach on your burger) to rid yourself of the urge to eat. This might seem extreme, but food cravings can be especially difficult to combat especially if you’re just starting. Any means you can think of to help you achieve the body you want helps. Do this cautiously, though. You might find yourself believing in your visualizations too strongly that it interferes with your normal eating habits. And that wouldn’t be healthy. BOLA TANGKAS