Ps3 Console – Great System But Still Overhyped

I still haven’t gotten a ‘next gen’ system. I’ve wanted one for a while but they’re still way too expensive a price to be paying for a video game system in our country’s current economic state. People around me are losing jobs consistently w/o any notice, not worth the risk to give away […] on entertainment. My roomate just got the PS3 though and while it is very fun & the visuals are great,its definitely overhyped(the Xbox 360 is also). The jump from PS2 to PS3 Console is still not as huge as the jump from PS1 to PS2 so I guess you can say I’m spoiled & expected too much…

Rating on setup: Easy unless you’re like my roomate & won’t read instructions. W/o reading instructions, it took her hours while I was at work to come to the conclusion that the system was broken and that the audio & controllers were broken. When I got home, it was in its box about to be returned. So I opened the instruction book after talking her into trying again & it works fine. So, PLEASE read the instructions if you get one of these, before thinking its a broken system. In short, the set up is harder than it was for the PS1 & PS2 but still relatively easy as long as you read the instructions.

PS3 Console online store & system configurations: Very cool. The set up & online store has a screen saver/wallpaper that looks like the Northern Lights. The menu options are easy to understand & find. The online store is pretty cool & you can download demos at no charge (seems like it takes too long to download them though… I don’t know enough about this stuff but my roomate does, she says the time it takes is ok so I’ll agree with her). PS1 games are anywhere from […] to […] (higher prices seem to be the Final Fantasy games).

Netflix: Doesn’t work out of the box. My roomate had to wait a week to get a disc from Netflix that will make it work & you have to have the disc in the machine whenever you want to use Netflix. She has a Roku box (I think its the standard Netflix streaming box but am not sure)also. Comparing the Roku & the PS3 Console, she says the Roku is far superior. The PS3 Console works sufficiently but its slow and a lot more frustrating to use than her Roku so, its recommended to not buy the PS3 for Netflix. Get a Roku instead. You can stream movies through the PS3 Console store also but they’re expensive so she’ll never be doing that. In short, get the Roku for Netflix for around […] instead of the PS3 Console.

Games: She got GTA IV, Modern Warfare II, Uncharted I, Ghostbusters and the Gods of War. The games are all fun but they’re just as fun as PS2 games & the visual differences aren’t enough to upgrade to a […] system. Don’t get me wrong though.If the system dropped to the […] range,I’d definitely get it but the only thing I see different between PS2 & PS3 games at this time are graphics/visuals & while the PS3 visuals are jawdropping,the PS2 was sufficient in my opinion so I personally am not willing to deal out […] for an upgrade that wasn’t needed in the first place.

Durability: My roomate has only had it for a week. The system runs very quiet. It puts off a lot of heat, but I compared it to my PS2 & found that my PS2 runs way louder and its loading times are definitely longer and I think it actually gives off more heat. 15 to 20 coworkers have all had their PS3 Console for at least two years & they’ve never had a problem (half of them are the gamer types that stay up all night playing games resulting in work absences or zombie trances the next day).Most the coworkers only bought their PS3 Console ‘s b/c they gave up on the Xbox 360s after two system purchases. So based on the quietness of its running state & the durability of my coworkers systems, I’m confident to rate this highly.

Overall: The system is great, however, I’m glad I’m not the one that purchased it. Since my roomate purchased this system, I no longer want a next gen system (I only used it a couple times & don’t feel the urge to use it any more than that). The system is overhyped (so is the Xbox 360. I don’t know about the Wii though, I’ve never played it).If you want this system based on the hype its getting, I recommend passing on it b/c you’d be disappointed(unless […] for videogames is in your budget). If you’ve played it already & you know what you’d be getting, definitely buy it. I wouldn’t worry about durability issues. Based on the people around me that have them (lots) I’ve never heard of a problem. So, if there really are any, they’re isolated issues.

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