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Children to eat a few months the import of New Zealand Milk powder Sudden infant products store in disappeared, under the cabinet asked the reason, Sell Business and Proxy Operators give different answers, consumers sze chosen on the network to find the answers, but milk protein content on the Internet exceeded message to the sze into deeper confusion. Colostrum milk powder under the counter of unknown causes 2009 9 months, Ms. Shi became a mother, new mothers the joy of nature is difficult to suppress, how to provide better growing conditions for baby has become a topic of concern family. Hear Colostrum Nutrient-rich, Sy and his family, after discussion, upstairs in the Kunming Department Store Family “Baby” children’s products stores, select a few cans of baby 300g Pui Chi colostrum milk powder, and in the subsequent two months has been adhere to the baby milk powder fed to the brand. November 2009, Ms. Shi came to this store again consumption, but was surprised to find all the training Chi colostrum milk powder have been invisible, and the clerk asked the reason, Ms. Shi. Sales staff first told her that the brand milk dealer in Yunnan replacement product supply some problems, and then added as replacement Package Therefore, supply interruptions. Ms. Shih that the answer to the quality and safety of the milk powder brands had suspected, continuous asked several baby products store, Ms. Shi received several different answers, even to tell the seller, Ms. Shi, “because there milk formula the problem, manufacturers have been notified under the cabinet. “thought of the past two months are eating baby formula milk powder may be a problem, Ms. Shi endless anxious. This past few months have been concerned about Ms. Shi Pei-Chi colostrum milk quality. Until March this year, Pei Chi colostrum milk powder manufacturers and distributors under the cabinet on the reasons for not making clear answer to the consumer. This issue, has specialized on the training Chi colostrum milk powder incident was under the cabinet visited the investigation. Milk quality and safety concerns of consumers 3 18, through visits found that training in Kunming, Chi colostrum milk within a few large stores for baby products has indeed disappeared. Little Simon Naruyasu baby products store sales, said, six months ago, Pei-Chi on the national market had all the colostrum milk powder under the counter, as to the reasons under the counter, the sales staff failed to give a clear answer, but said, “I’ve heard is the supplier’s cause.” Children’s Village in Grand View other children’s products store “for purchasing”, sales for the same question the answer given is “the product supply instability, often out of stock . ” This reason, however, Ms. Shih is not convincing, through the network to find, Ms. Shih found that since the second half of 2009, the network Pei Chi colostrum milk powder on the controversy would not break off, in which users are generally concerned “Protein excessive,” saying, or even media reports, because “excessive protein”, the brand’s colostrum milk powder sales have occurred in Chongqing downturn. Sy was puzzled, if only to replace distributor Kunming, why would rise to a question in the national controversy? Agents: product quality under the cabinet and has nothing to do 3 18, with questions to call the brand formula, Ms. Shi National Unity Customer service hotline and was informed that product quality is not the problem, not the brand on the market to buy milk only short-term phenomenon, Yunnan is to replace the brand milk dealers, and product packaging is also facing new generation, will be replaced soon after the OTC packaging. Press onward connection to the brand milk powder in Kunming, head of Mr Hui, Mr Hui explained that since Colostrum abroad Raw material The control is very strict, by the milk, lack of forage, milk production continued compression that led to the source of supply, coupled with new packaging products need to be replaced, so the second half of 2009, the products are in liquidation Weihuo stage, before resulting shortage of supply. And why change the product packaging, Mr. Xu is no clear answer. The protein content of colostrum milk powder exceeded the challenge, Mr Hui explained that the colostrum milk formula than ordinary higher nutritional content and can not eat alone, should be added in the appropriate formula, which has a clear product description on the label. BOLA TANGKAS