Punjab – The Land of Five Rivers – The Land of Food, Festivals and Fun – A Land of Mystic Charm

Punjab – the land of five rivers – is the place which just refuses to fade away from your memories, if you have been to it even once. Known to be the homeland of the Punjabis or shall I say Sikhs, Punjab is mainly known for its food, festival and warm inhabitants who welcome you with open arms and a smile on their face.

Located on the northern fringes of India, Punjab shares its borders with Pakistan and Indian states of Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan and is easily accessible through air, rail and road.

Airports in Punjab
The state of Punjab has three major airports – Amritsar International Airport, Chandigarh Airport and Ludhiana Airport. The first of the Punjab airports connect the state to international as well as well as national destinations of significance while the other two Punjab airports serve as air link for the domestic flights.

The state also boasts of a very good rail and road connectivity with other parts of India. You can get trains to Punjab from any corner of India while all the northern states offer road connectivity with Punjab.

Hotels in Punjab
The one thing about Punjab which demarcates it from other states of India is its hospitality. There are a large number of hotels in Punjab. From 5 star hotels in Punjab to economy hotels in Punjab, you will find every type of accommodation in this state.

Punjab Travel Destinations
After checking in one of the hotels in Punjab it’s time to check out the splendid beauty, the state is endowed with. A perfect example of ancient and modern walking hand in hand, the state is a visual treat to the tourists on Punjab travel. Natural landscapes, palaces, forts, museums, mosques, temples, beautiful gardens, and shopping malls – you will find Punjab travel destinations not lacking in anything. Punjab travel maps will guide you to all the major Punjab travel destinations.

The Golden Temple in Amritsar is probably the most highly visited Punjab travel destinations. Also known as the Harmandir Sahib, this Gurdwara was founded by the fourth Sikh Guru, Ramdas ji. Golden Temple is considered to be the oldest and holiest Sikh shrine in India.

Moving from Amritsar, Chandigarh is another significant tourist attraction in Punjab. This first planned city of India enjoys a unique position of being the capital of two states – Punjab and Haryana – and a union territory. Marked with spectacular gardens all around, Chandigarh really seems to be miles apart from other urban conglomerates, which the major cities of India at times look like. The Rock Garden in Chandigarh is a great crowd puller among Punjab travel destinations. Sukhna Lake and Zakir Hussain Rose Garden are other significant Punjab travel destinations.

Anandpur Sahib is another sacred Punjab travel destination. Known to be the birthplace of Khalsa, it is one of the most revered cities of Sikh religion.

Taran Taran is another famous Punjab tourist attraction. The city has a large number of Gurudwaras. It includes Gurudwara Sri Tran Taran Sahib, Gurdwara Guru ka Khuh, Gurudwara Bibi Bhani Da Khuh, Gurdwara Takkar Sahib

Wagah, Ludhiana, Ram Tirth are another major cities on Punjab tourist destinations circuit.

Apart from these people also love to visit the Art Gallery at Sheesh Mahal and Quila Mubarak in Patiala.

Festivals in Punjab
Holla Mohalla and Baisakhi are the two festivals synonymous with Punjab. The moment you think of Baisakhi, the first thing that comes to your mind is Punjab festival. Marked to celebrate the good harvest, Baisakhi, is celebrated on the first day of the Sikh calendar, which happens to be April 13/14 as per Gregorian calendar.

Holla Mohalla is another famous festival in Punjab. A day of mock battles, it was started by the tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh. Celebrated usually in the month of March, a procession is being taken on this day. You can also enjoy ‘langar’ across the state on this day.

All the Punjab festivals give you the chance to just binge upon the lip smacking delicacies of the state. Whether it’s Makke Ki Roti, Sarson ka Saag or lassi or Gud Chawal, Punjabi food has its own unique flavour.

Why not visit the state and experience it all for yourself?