Puppy Training And Dog Training Online- Dove Cresswell Review

Dove kindly gave me access to her guide so that I could review it. I have no doubt that whoever buys this video guide will be very satisfied. In case you don’t like wading through lots of text and like to get straight to the point, this guide will be ideal for you. The lessons are very practical and show exactly how to train your dog in the particular lesson’s skill.
You are in nice hands with Dove. In the work of the last two years, he’s gained a reputation for herself training animals for films, tv and commercials. He has not trained lots of breeds of canines but also other animals like giant reptiles, birds, deer and rodents.
Dove Cresswell dog training
When you are using her lessons, he recommends you keep sessions short: fifteen to twenty-five minutes maximum. This keeps the dog’s interest and energy levels high. Also, he recommends that you make the lesson fun!
You don’t need any experience at all to follow her lessons. Everything is shown and explained from scratch. He’s studied dog training under several top trainers and has incorporated the best of the best techniques in to this work.
The advantage in an online video as against a book is that you can listen to exactly how Dove speaks to her dog. The tone of voice is very important and you are in no doubt after listening to and watching the lessons.
Where it is necessary, the lessons give you a couple of different ways to train a specific skill. For example, in the first lesson, you can click on whether your dog is a toy breed or any other breed as a quantity of the recommendations are different.
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What is Covered?
Here’s a rundown of exactly what you’ll find on the world wide website one time you sign up. First, there is a set of two video lessons:
Lesson 1: Puppy Housebreaking/Potty Training
Lesson 2: Crate Training
Lesson 3: Dog Obedience Training (introduction to obedience training, use of collar and leash, use of treats and praise, teaching the commands “Sit”, “Down” and “Stay”)
Lesson 4: Running Politely On Leash: The Casual Heel
Lesson 5: The Recall
Lesson 6: Nice Puppy And Dog Manners (dealing with issues like your dog leaping up on people, stealing food off counters or tables, barking or whining inappropriately, biting hands, pulling to greet other people or canines or stealing things you have set down
Lesson 7: Special Dog Tricks (Shake-A-Paw, Wave, Rollover and Speak)
You’ll also discover a set of two bonus audio lessons:
Lesson 1: Teach Your Dog To Fetch
Lesson 2: Teach Your Dog To Play Soccer
Lesson 3: Teach Your Dog To Play Hide ‘N Seek
Lesson 4: Information On Dog Sports: Agility, Fly Ball and Rally Obedience
Lesson 5: Choosing The Right Toys For Your Dog
Lesson 6: Earning Your Dog’s Respect
Lesson 7: Choosing The Right Dog Food And Treats.
You are also given the chance to get in contact with Dove directly by electronic mail to ask for any clarification or have any questions you have answered.
What I Like About It
I like that this work is very practical and gets straight to the point showing you exactly what to do. When you first bring a puppy home, you are probably most interested in housebreaking your puppy. Watching the first two lessons on housebreaking and crate training will give you exactly the information you need to proceed with confidence.
In case you need an idea of what the the work is like you’ll discover a free video on the world wide website.
Dove Cresswell Review Verdict
I think the Dove Cresswell’s Puppy Training And Dog Training Online is a great resource for a dog owner.