Purchase Deep Exploration CAD Edition 5.7 cheap

Buy Deep Exploration CAD Edition 5.7 cheap

Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration – a powerful tool for viewing and conversion of 2D, 3D, audio and video files. The program supports more than four popular formats, and in particular, allows you to convert 3D files from one format to another, including animation. The program can be viewed three-dimensional scene hierarchy and materials. Deep Exploration is in two versions – Standard and CAD Edition. The second is support for more formats, as well as an expanded set of tools to work with three-dimensional scenes. There are tools for the optimization model, the removal of the scenes of hidden objects of the same materials and the disposal of unused, and much more. In addition to its core functions, the program allows to open files over a certain manipulation: to view the assembly, hide / show the details, make the measurement.

The three-dimensional graphics can be applied not only in films and computer games. 3D-models and animation can be useful in such areas as web design, advertising, printing and engineering. To be able to work with three-dimensional graphics, install 3D-editors are not required. If you have a finished 3D-models can do the program Deep Exploration.Ona you can view three-dimensional scenes with light materials, lighting sources and other features, transforming the scene in other formats, save 3D-models in the form of graphic files. In addition, in the Deep Exploration, you can add in extra scenes and objects to create the animation based on keyframes. The program has a large library of different materials, which can make 3D-objects of the most realistic.

Deep Exploration is now one of the best file viewer all kinds of formats. In addition to numerous formats, 2D-images, Deep Exploration display video (*. avi,. Mpg, etc.) and text files (. Txt), audio (*. wav), and also shows the contents of *. rar and *. zip archives. One of the distinguishing features of the program is that it also works with files and 3D-graphics. A complete list of supported formats, the program can be seen in the preview window immediately after the launch of Deep Exploration.

One of the many opportunities the program functions – the function of converting files to different formats. To do this, right-click the context menu and select it in line Convert. A window will appear with the settings (eg, Picture Converson), where you can install all the necessary parameters for the conversion. Separately, it is desirable to note the possibility of converting in batch mode. In the case when you are dealing with a large number of files, just specify which ones you want to export, choose the format, and Deep Exploration will process them all in turn. It should be noted that the program supports the possibility of converting not only in graphics, but also in 3D-formats.

Intuitive interface with the directory tree and viewing area, as well as easy management of the mouse button when viewing the 3d-files provide the ease and simplicity of operation. To change the position of the three-dimensional scenes legonko need to move the mouse while pressing the left mouse button, and all the virtual space will begin to turn on the starting point of 3D-coordinates. When viewing a three-dimensional objects, the program offers several options for lighting the scene. For example, you can see how the model will look like in daylight, or if it is to cover all sides evenly.

3D-models can be displayed in the preview window as the two-objects or as one-sided. If you look at the scope, you will always see only one side, so miscalculate how it looks from the inside, it is absolutely not necessary. However, if your model is, for example, a glass, then to get the full picture of its form, it is necessary that the program displays it as a two-sided object. Displaying these items takes more time, however, gives a more accurate picture of the object.

Another possibility Deep Exploration – optimization stage. This operation is often used in 3D-viewer. Optimization is required when three-dimensional scene contains objects with a large number of polygons. At the same time significantly increases the visualization of 3D-models. In the Deep Exploration optimization is that the program replaces the scene after the analysis of several overlapping peaks of one (for example, where the two bodies). Unfortunately, such an outcome, such as when using the module Polygon Cruncher, which is part of the other popular 3D-viewer 3D Photo Browser, you can not be achieved, but the view in a box vysokopoligonalnye models will become much easier.

Purchase Deep Exploration CAD Edition 5.7 cheap