Purchase Precise Eyewear for People with Varied Face Forms

With the popularization of computers, computer-related eye diseases are also increasing. Many people who work at the computer for a long time often feel that their eyes are dry and their vision is blurred. The usual sunglasses symptom of eyestrain is the feeling of dryness and sandiness in eyes, and other symptoms are burn feeling, gargalesthesia, photophobia, erythralgia, blurred vision, fatigability and ropinesslike secretion, and so on. The best way to avoid dry eyes is pay attention to moisturization of eyes. Take a rest for five or ten minutes every hour working in front of computers. Look into the distance to relax eyes.

Blink your eyes frequently in order to reduce the time of eyeballs being exposed to the air and avoid evaporation of tears. When having a rest, exercise muscles of the neck and shoulders. For stiff neck muscles have a direct effect on eye, besides, plenty sleep, no staying up late, much water, all kinds of fruits and fresh vegetables, fish, eggs and etc, should be guaranteed. In addition, the equal mixture of adenophora, ophiopogon japonicus, chrysanthemum, radix rehmanniae, cassia occidentalis, each taking 10 grams, brewed with boiling water, on behalf of the tea, can effectively avoid the dry eyes and prevent the occurrence In order to prevent dry eyes, the best way is to blink a lot. It is thought by experts that eyes drying is a disease caused by pressure from glaring the same direction for so long time.

Therefore, the best way to avoid eyestrain is appropriate rest, must guard against continuous operation. If you wear eyeglasses ,then having a pair of appropriate glasses is very important. People over forty years old would be better use dual-focus lens or wear glasses with lower degrees. In addition, it is vital for working pose and distance. Keep a distance of more than 60 cm as possible and adjust to the most suitable position so that the vision down could make a angle about 30 degree. Such a perspective can make the neck muscles relax, and make the area of eye’s surface exposed to the air be to a minimum.

The people who have engaged in computer operations for a long time shall eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, while increase the intake of the vitamin A, B1, C, E.

Computer operater should eat more food which contains vitamin A in order to prevent cornea dry, eye dry, eyesight decline even night blindness accur and etc. Vitamin C can effectively restrain the cellular oxidation. The main functions of Vitamin C are lowering cholesterol levels, removing eliminating free radicals in human body and preventing cataracta. Walnuts and peanuts are rich in Vitamin E.
Vitamin B1 glasses may be neurotrophic to nerve, and the green leafy vegetables contain large quantities of vitamin B1. Drink green tea appropriately every day, because the LPS in tea can improve the hematopoietic function of the body, and the tea h

the computer should not be placed on the opposite of or back the windows in order to keep fluorescence screen from glisten or be unclear,and environmental illuminance should be soft. If the computer operator has a window behind him, he should draw the curtain down, avoiding eye fatigue caused by the bright screenage because of the reflection of bright light. Under normal circumstances, common people will feel eye dryness if their winks are less than five times a minute. When people are working before computer, the times of wink is only one third of that in normal time, therefore, the secretion of lubricant an