Put On High Quality Dancewear Shoes And Go To Salsa Dance Classes

A lot of people like dancing though not all of them attend dance classes as a result of lack of time or other common excuses like working a lot and being exhausted after a long working day. In fact, people who attend dance classes often say that dancing helps them relax and cheer up after work. A lot of people like dancing because it is energising and enjoyable. Fortunately, today there are plenty of dance styles and dance classes to choose from. One of these styles is salsa which has become popular among many people nowadays. Salsa dancers in peculiar dancewear shoes dance to salsa music and enjoy its eight counts rhythms and particular six steps of the dance.

Some people may wonder when and where salsa originated. Salsa is often called a Cuban dance though this statement is true only in part. It is possible to say that the idea of salsa dance appeared on Cuba but contemporary salsa dance is the mixture of French, Spanish, Mexican, African and English dance movements and techniques. What concerns the term ‘salsa’, it is known to have originated in New York where numerous salsa dancers in stylish dancewear shoes appeared in the middle of the 20th century. Nowadays salsa dance is popular among people from different countries of the world and especially in Latin America. For this reason a lot of people associate modern salsa dance with Latin America.

Today there are several styles of salsa including casino, Cali salsa, New York salsa, Los Angeles salsa, Miami-style casino, etc. Salsa in its many forms usually features African percussions. Original salsa dance has a principle of taking six steps in eight counts of music. It makes salsa similar to Mambo though Mambo includes more moves forward and backward whereas in salsa dancers wearing their spectacular dancewear shoes perform a lot of turns. It is also important to emphasise that salsa dancers don’t strictly follow traditional salsa moves but they can improvise a good deal. A possibility of improvisation makes salsa appropriate for creative dancers to express themselves and modify salsa styles as they want.

It is also essential that salsa is done in pairs with the male partner leading and the female partner following the man. Nevertheless, female dancers wearing lovely dancewear shoes and skirts still have a lot of possibilities to improvise, express their individuality and show their impressive skills while performing salsa. Due to this feature salsa dance is considered by many people to be very romantic and passionate. That is why many salsa dancers go to salsa classes with the ones they love. However, it is not obligatory as a lot of people take their convenient dancewear shoes and go to salsa classes alone and find partners there. Actually, attending dance classes may be a great idea when trying to meet new people and make friends. Nowadays, there are also a lot of salsa dance parties held both in big cities and small towns.

All in all, at the present time salsa is a popular dance style all over the world. Dancing salsa is a great way to get positive emotions and exercise. There are plenty of salsa dance classes and clubs available today and open not only to professional dancers but also to those who enjoy dancing and would like to pick up several salsa steps and turns. BOLA TANGKAS